The key to achieve Excellence in Pharma

In an endeavor to reach the end user within the shortest timelines, drug manufacturers / organizations sometimes might miss out certain must-to-follow Regulatory procedures, thus hindering the Compliance efforts, required product registrations and market authorizations. In addition, using legacy applications and systems add-on to the worries of incompatibility, ineffective data tracking, and missing data elements and finally leading to inaccurate data compilation and non-compliant submissions that might not match up with new-age standards.

In such scenarios, organizations must consider addressing the issues proactively than reactively. The strategies they design must be aligned to the global Regulatory market updates and corresponding procedural changes at a granular level. Be it be electronic submission trends, or newly set deadlines, organizations must fall in line with that of the Regulatory market requirements worldwide.

The Approach

In both the cases, following the market trends as well as meeting the deadlines, time is the critical factor wherein organizations cannot afford inaccuracy which might heavily pound on the budgets. For market trends they should integrate a quick in hand Regulatory intelligence tool and for stringent deadline they must opt of streamlined Regulatory procedures which inturn requires integrating technological advancements into the existing systems. The sooner they get the regulatory updates the faster they can be equipped with necessary tools to streamline the Regulatory procedures for successful compliance, thus to reduce the time-to-market addressing the market needs.

Either the in-house Regulatory team you depend on or the specialized Regulatory Outsourcing experts you opt for, streamlined Regulatory activities are key to achieve excellence in pharma, i.e. focusing more on patient safety and efficacy. Be Compliant.

For a proven case, we are pleased to announce Freyr has won the finalist spot in CPhi Pharma Awards 2016, for Excellence in Pharma: Regulatory Procedures and Compliance.


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