In Brazil, the cosmetics and personal care products are classified according to their degree of risk, as Grade I and Grade II products. Perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries and similar products need to be registered with the National Agency of Health Surveillance, ANVISA, which regulates their production, import and trade. It has established the criteria for the composition of the products, permitted and restricted ingredients, instructions for labeling and other related measures.

Grade I products are notified on the ANVISA’s website while Grade II products are subject to Registration as they need to provide more detailed and specific instructions and show more consistency due to the increased degree of risk. Grade II products must be submitted and approved by the ANVISA and must await the publication of this report in the official gazette before starting the import process and commercialization.

More Information:


    Regulatory Authority

    National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)


    Regulatory Status

    Grade I Products require Notification;

    Grade II Products require Registration


    Delivery Mode for Submission

    Grade I Products: Online through Customer Service System;

    Grade II Products: Online through Petitioning System


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