Drug discovery is an ever-evolving process. With everyday research happening all around the world, it becomes challenging for an organization to manually update scientific journals in its database. To stay updated with the industry, we have introduced Freyr GLASS, a global and local literature management application to handle indexed and non-indexed medical journals. It enables the classification of product-relevant journals based on the content, alerts, and distribution of literature pertinent to MAHs from the repository.

Freyr GLASS monitors and updates the journals by classifying the entries according to their content. It also assists in the quality check of literature and review. Thus, Freyr GLASS simplifies the literature review process and acts as a principal product repository.


Freyr GLASS Expertise

  • Collaborative submissions, preparation, and review of literature journals
  • End-to-end tracking of relevant literature/journals
  • Improvised automatic system to auto-crawl newly published literature from the journal website
  • Advanced analytics and interactive user dashboard
  • Quality assurance and management of literature
  • Easily maintains large portfolios
  • Segregation of relevant and non-relevant literature records

Freyr GLASS Features

  • Advanced and automated email notification system
  • One-click upload and download functionality
  • Separate folders for categorized literature
  • Simple workflow steps
  • Alert functionality based on customized periodicity
  • Open architecture and open APIs
  • Advanced search functionality to get access to the existing literature
  • Color-coded timeline monitoring
  • Monitoring capability interface for project managers/Advance admin functions to manage users and monitor ground-level activity
  • Highly cost-effective, on-premises, and secured cloud-hosted data repository
  • Easy retrieval of all documents

Freyr GLASS Benefits

  • Automated reminders on timelines
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Categorization of foreign language(s)
  • Automated weekly and monthly work status notifications
  • One-click emails notification provision for literature records
  • Advanced system alerts for upcoming actions
  • Easy retrieval of literature records, including information about source documents

Freyr GLASS is a literature management application that handles indexed and non-indexed medical journals for literature updates, tracking, and managing your entire literature portfolio that acts as a principal product repository.

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