In life sciences industry, packaging development and artwork lifecycle management are complicated processes and yet crucial for reaching markets on time to gain the quick-in-market advantage. Enroute, companies should consider efficient management of end-to-end artwork processes and workflows, at all levels, to limit their costs and to be compliant right from the first step.

With a unique approach and extensive industry experience in packaging artwork management across all life sciences verticals, viz. Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Biotechnology, Freyr provides one-stop-shop solution for artwork creation and artwork management and supports designs of pouches, ousters, blister foils, instruction booklets, folding boxes, sachets, tubes, patient information leaflets, cartons etc.

Freyr caters end-to-end solutions meeting the diversified needs of artwork process creation inclusive of:

  • Clarity of scope in artwork lifecycle management (LCM)
  • Region-specific artwork compliance
  • Proper governance and precision in process execution
  • Coordination between different stakeholders within artwork LCM
  • Effective review and approval processes
  • Defining value chain processes
  • High definition artwork studio
  • Management of complexities with increased product portfolios
  • Reduction of artwork related write-offs
  • Digital assets management

Freyr’s Packaging artwork management expertise span across, packaging artwork process consulting; artwork LCM; artwork studio services; artwork proofreading/QA services; artwork regulatory affairs (RA) services; artwork quality affairs (QA) services; artwork technology implementation; artwork onsite staffing services; content to carton services.