High-quality printing plays an important role in artwork design and pack management. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to maintain these high standards, in order to withstand the cut-throat competition prevailing in the market today. The manufacturer is required to maintain these standards across the lifecycle, until the product reaches the end user. However, due to the huge investments required to maintain dedicated print setups, lack of visibility throughout the channel or time-critical printing challenges, etc. manufacturers eventually lose control over the print suppliers.

With a team of specialized and experienced print experts, Freyr offers exclusive printing services that range from print consultation to quality implementation. In addition, with a value-added printing vendor partnership, Freyr is a cost-effective option because it bridges the gap between manufacturers and print setups, facilitates dedicated printing lines for each customer, and avoids information, time, quality and resource gaps. 


Freyr Expertise

  • End-to-end printing consultation
  • Audited and validated print vendors
  • Qualitative and on-time gap analysis
  • Proper waste disposal management along with the sign off
  • Dedicated area for managing reusable of tools

Freyr Advantages

  • Verified pool of global printing vendors
  • Compliant and quality output
  • First-time-right approach
  • Reducing the cost by using the reusable tools
  • Quick turnaround time (TAT)