Deadlines make quality checks more challenging than they already are.  In case of manual artwork creation, the scope for errors increases when checking the consistency of copy or design throughout the lifecycle. Other problems include those relating to source file formatting, difficulty in comparing as well as time-borne errors, among others. In comparison with manual proofreading, the electronic proofreading is apparently less error-prone in working through redundant and expansive works. The former process is usually risk-prone given the increased possibility of errors. To reduce the risk of manual artwork errors, organizations frequently opt for specialized proofreading tools.

Integrated with a 360-degree perspective on the artwork lifecycle right from copy (core text) to design to final artwork, Freyr offers clients an effective proofreading tool that checks for quality defects across the pipeline. Combined with advanced technical capabilities and region specific language nuances, Freyr’s specialized proofreading tools reduce the manual driven artwork errors in a timely manner, thus reducing the burden of costs upon organizations.


Freyr Expertise

  • Image-to-image/pixel-to-pixel comparison
  • Content & Artwork verification
  • Pre-press/print-ready inspection
  • Packaging line specific technical checks
  • Regulatory checks
  • Manual and electronic proofreading

Freyr Advantages

  • Increased quality through reduction of errors
  • Experienced resources
  • Best in industry electronic proofreading tools
  • Decrease in artwork turnaround time
  • Maintaining Brand consistency
  • Improved Right First Time
  • Improvement in Productivity
  • 24/7 proof reader’s availability
  • Region specific linguistic capabilities