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Freyr believes in exploring new opportunities, redefining old ideas and turning them into great new innovations. We understand that a team of talented and passionate professionals make it possible to achieve and go beyond milestones, which is why we give our associates the freedom to nurture and grow ideas into best-of-breed solutions.

Freyr offers a highly conducive and collaborative environment coupled with a flat hierarchy and cross-functional opportunities for all associates to grow both personally and professionally. We constantly strive to make Freyr a great place for our associates 

  • To balance their work and life, starting with providing global project opportunities
  • To excel in
  • To celebrate associate excellence across a myriad set of functional activities
  • To create a sense of accomplishment and
  • To round off with a diverse set of teambuilding activities, sports events and cultural programs to encourage the creative expressions


Work at Freyr

Work at Freyr

Working with Freyr, you will be part of a team that is multi-ethnic, open-cultured and enthusiastic about global collaboration. Freyr is known in industry for international exposure, and encourages its employees to travel internationally, to various geographies across the globe. Our associates have visited various client locations in the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world, providing operational support services in the Regulatory space. Freyr teams are also collaborated with many global clients, gaining and providing exposure on multiple product categories and multiple Health Authorities worldwide. At Freyr, we focus on cross-functional training to ensure employees gain industry expertise within different sub-domains and activities. Freyr has been built on a flat hierarchy. Many leaders within the organization are young which stands a testimony to enthusiasts aiming at faster growth within the organization.

Internal Social Media Platform


Our open-culture is further enabled by our internal social platform, KonnectCo, that breaks down the communication barriers and creates a vibrant interactive network of employees capable of driving the true cultural change. Through this, employees can share their ideas, opinions, appreciate others and more - that means, more engaged workforce. In addition, our teams are exposed to international clients, including senior leadership in the customer’s Regulatory and R&D departments. Several clients visit our Hyderabad global delivery center and our teams enjoy fruitful interactions with them, learning and advancing greatly from such experiences.

Work-Life Balance at Freyr

Freyr offers its associates a perfect work-life balance between their professional and personal interests besides offering a challenging yet rewarding collaborative environment. Freyr provides freedom of creative expression by encouraging a diverse set of activities in areas like sports, culture and performing arts.


  • Annual Day Celebrations
  • Function and Team Outings
  • Ethnic and Cultural Programs
  • Sports Events

Fun Clubs - Work Hard Play Hard

The Fun Clubs are internal groups that conduct regular fun activities to maintain the work life balance at office and to keep the spirits high.

  • Game of Talks – This club has a clear agenda of learning to communicate with confidence and to use the right words. Regular catch-ups have helped a lot of employees gain confidence while communicating and assured employees know about their co-worker’s perspectives on various aspects of work culture.
  • Being Hungry – Freyr believes life is too short to count calories and encourages its employees to eat healthy and be healthy. Following the belief, the best we could do was introducing a game that tickles taste buds. It’s a simple cooking game that encourage our employees to cook lip-smacking dishes to destroy everyone’s diet plans.
  • Forum I – At times, sharing our views on a wider platform is very important, so that our peers get to know what exactly a persona we are. Forum is a weekly platform where one can discuss about something innovative of their own to enrich the business pipeline and strengthen the culture of innovation.
  • LOL – Whoever said, ‘jokes apart, let’s get into business,’ should think twice when they see how Freyr works. Fun is an integral part of Freyr while working. LOL is a group that is intended to tickle the funny bones of Freyrians. We encourage employees to be spontaneous and be light at heart to share some stress busters which, we believe, can increase the organizational productivity.
  • Event-ually Yours - Can you create magical events in-house, that blows everyone’s mind? If yes, you are in the right place. Check your capability here. Freyr gives you a right platform to organize and conduct events that are of your interest and that you think everyone must practice. Word Power, Fitness Freaks, Read-out sessions to anything of your interest, Freyr encourages you to create your own event.
  • The Eco Minions – Leonardo’s Oscar winning speech talked a lot about our nature. The Eco Minions is something referred to that. This event is mainly for those who can do something about nature and who are willing to think green and go green.
  • Garage – Man with machine. These days we can even say woman with machine. As a human being we do have an innate persona that is so curious about how are the things made and how they work. Garage is a group to encourage that persona to try its hand at testing automobiles. It is for auto lovers. Here is your chance to get inside the iron machines and explore what those beasts are made of.
  • Keep Calm – Everybody wants to live in peace. We don’t preach it here. But we practice. Keep Calm is for peace lovers who want to strengthen their mind power and who realize the importance of art of living. Being at peace, you can be more responsive than reactive, which is the need of the day for today’s work environment.


Freyr committees are specially formed groups that ensure the organization reach a consensus on typical issues on an ongoing basis. Thus, to encourage every Freyrian work towards the organizational goal.

  • Process Management Group (PMG)
  • Ethics and Compliance Steering Committee (ECSC)
  • Quality Management System Team
  • MRC (Management Review Committee)
  • Disaster Management Team
  • Great Place to Work Committee (GPW)

Rewards and Recognition

At Freyr, we ensure that all the employee contributions towards making the organization a better place and the efforts put in the projects are duly recognized. Freyr recognizes and celebrates associate excellence across:

  • Target Oriented Performance
  • Critical Incident Performance
  • Client Appreciated Performance
  • Deadline Meeting Performance
  • Innovative Performance
  • Project Specific Awards
  • Best Idea Award
  • Thank You Award
  • Employee of the year


Freyr believes training to be an integral part of the development process of employees. Thus, offers average training programs of 80 hours per year, per employee. We have several focused training programs conducted regularly, such as:

  • Induction / Orientation
  • Organization level training
  • Project level training
  • Individual training
  • GxP Training
  • Leadership Trainings

Performance Appraisals

Freyr follows a 360-degree, open, transparent, fair and objective process of annual appraisals. A regular quarterly KRA reporting process ensures in identifying, capturing and reflecting the utilization and performance metrics of the employees. The corrective, mid-term performance appraisals re-aligns and complements the final annual appraisal process.

Employee Testimonials

  • FREYR is a strong, solid, & stable company which is growing, but intelligently. People feel appreciated and are recognised for their dedication and hard work. I have been here for a while and I have had opportunities to build my career abroad as well.  Thanks to Freyr, I have progressed and experienced so much globally, and the support I have been given to grow in my career. The positive atmosphere at Freyr is noticeable at all levels and I am happy to be a part of it."

    - Tripti Sur 
    Regional Labeling Lead (onsite contract worker) - Regulatory Labeling

  • The mentorship and guidance which you get from your seniors and managers at Freyr is very unique. Freyr has that uniqueness in its pulse. The Freyr’s management’s friendliness and compassion towards employees adds another colourful feather to the company’s cap.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that working in Freyr has, by far, been my finest and best work experience in terms of my career.

    Mohammed Abdul Irfan,
    Sr. Associate – Regulatory Operations

  • I’ve been a part of the healthcare industry for almost a decade and what I love about Freyr is - its very innovative approach. The management is very friendly and gives us a lot of freedom to experiment and fail which I believe is very important for professional learning and growth.

    Yogi Raj
    VP - Business Development

  • Freyr is amongst those organizations that promotes a healthy work-life balance, which in turn contributes to the overall employee motivation thus resulting in greater productivity, employee retention, and innovation. The transparent work environment helps to develop a feeling of mutual respect between team members and their leaders. When people are free to voice their opinions, it helps the organization to learn, grow, and succeed because a sort of safe space allows for brilliant ideas to flow and problems to be flagged. I’m very glad to be associated with Freyr.

    Chandana Purnima Ravula,
    Sr. Medical Writer, Medical Writing

  • At Freyr, I can pursue my interests at work with managements’ counseling and guidance laying down a foundation for my career growth. Recognizing and rewarding individual and team efforts inspires and motivates me to be more productive.  Thanks to the management for providing me the freedom to project my ideas and supporting them.

    Yasmin Mohammed
    Sr. HR – Talent Acquisition

  • Freyr: This name reminds me of Professionalism, Suppleness, Veracity, Aptitude, Innovation and much more. It is great to see that the management interrelate with each member of this family to understand both personal and professional concerns. It find it, a great place to work and grow professionally and personally.

    Pratap Gouda
    Manager – IT Infrastructure

  • Freyr is a great place to work. Working at Freyr is definitely a great experience for all of its employees. It helps you to learn a lot, progress and develop essential skills. The flexibility within the company is refreshing. It provides a platform to work with different people from different cultures and domains. In Freyr, every day is enjoyable. It’s like coming to work and learn from your extended family.

    - Lakshmi Maneka Samudrala​
     Associate - Labeling Services

  • I started working at Freyr in Feb 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed my 5 plus years here. I came here with no experience in semiconductors and over the years, have gained knowledge beyond my belief. I have been blessed with being able to work with wonderful people over the years. They have taught me so much and have given me the opportunity to grow successfully. The one thing I appreciate the most about coming to work is the friendly & family oriented atmosphere. The longevity of many among the Freyr employees is great, and that says a lot about the organisation. Thanks for the many great years. 

    Sainath Reddy
    Team Lead - Product Engineering

  • Freyr is a great place for young and creative minds. Participative freedom is what Freyr offers in abundance. What I like the most with Freyr is the flexible working environment. As a regulatory professional, I have exposed to various projects and challenges, allowing me to grow professionally and personally. 

    N.V.S.Narayana Reddy Tadi
    Associate - Regulatory Operations

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