What you communicate is what the end-user will ultimately react to. In the case of pharmaceuticals, communication refers to the safety information that is being conveyed and the visual appeal of the products inclusive of:

  • The label content, which should be compliant with health authority guidelines;
  • The artwork, which should be appealing and aligned with global market sensibilities;
  • The printed information, which should be on par with the global standards; and
  • The packed carton, which should stand out and should abide by all the safety standards

Globalization has led to an unprecedented market expansions for the Life Sciences industry. With the expansions, there is a dire need for manufacturers to manage and unify the humongous activity of communicating the product information globally, in a compliant way i.e. through labeling, artwork, packaging etc. In doing so, the challenge persists to gain a comprehensive visibility into end-to-end content creation, artwork design and through displaying it on cartons, which may cause operational delays and affect a product’s time-to-market.

Freyr with a strong foothold in worldwide Lifesciences Regulatory landscape, bring forth the capability of handling end-to-end operational activities that span across Content to Carton.  From assisting clients with the creation of label content, creating artworks, partnering with printers for accurate printing to packaging them with the best safety standards, Freyr’s offers industry expertise in handling organization’s globalization requirements. 


Process Steps & Functions Involved in Commercial Request



Process Steps & Functions Involved in Submission Request




Freyr Expertise

  • Creating, updating and managing label content
  • Content submission to health authorities
  • Submission of sample artwork without deadlines
  • Sample artwork change management based on HA reviews
  • Creating launch artworks with tech specs and real deadlines
    • Integrating specialized in-house tool
    • Proof reading assistance
    • Marketing review
    • Packaging review
    • Quality review
  • Valued partnerships for artwork printing
  • Valued partnerships for carton packaging

Freyr Advantages

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Global pool of Regulatory artwork experts
  • Improved accuracy mitigating Product Recalls
  • Short TAT
  • Product & Brand Credibility mitigating branding inconsistencies
  • 24/7 artwork pack management Operations
  • Multi – Geography/ Region/ Markets Support
  • Multilingual pharmaceutical artwork creation