Food and beverage manufacturers in the European Union (EU) keep a close eye on the Regulatory landscape, and it is evident that various areas are garnering the regulators’ attention, from High-Fat, Sugar, and Salt (HFSS) laws to novel food regulations. This blog explores how these regulations impact food and food supplement manufacturers in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe’s dietary supplement market; it also looks at the trends predicted for the industry.

Policies Targeting Nutrients and Calories

Overweight and obesity are pressing health concerns in the EU, prompting policymakers to focus on specific nutrients such as fat, sugar, and salt, along with the overall calorie content of food products. To combat unhealthy food consumption, EU countries are planning to introduce mandatory front-of-pack nutritional labeling, while the UK is enforcing restrictions on high-fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS) foods.

Novel Food Regulation in Europe

The EU and UK’s novel food registration and regulation are of paramount importance for manufacturers of novel proteins and innovative food products. Requiring pre-market approval from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Food Standards Agency (FSA), novel foods are subject to strict evaluation. Notably, certain food tech start-ups choose alternative Regulatory processes in other regions, like Singapore’s pre-market authorization for cultivated meat products.

Emerging Trends in Novel Foods

Cell-based foods (such as cultivated meat) and insect-based foods are gaining momentum in the novel foods sector and are drawing significant Regulatory attention. Several insect-based novel foods have already been authorized in the EU and the UK. In July 2023, the first application for cultivated meat authorization was filed in Switzerland.

Impact of Junk Food Laws and HFSS Regulations

In the UK, upcoming junk food laws carry significant implications for food and beverage manufacturers. Rules limiting unhealthy food locations and banning multi-buy deals for HFSS foods are reshaping the industry landscape, requiring compliance adjustments and product reformulations. A Regulatory service provider can help them expedite the process.

Stepping into the future, food and dietary supplement manufacturers and Food Business Operators (FBOs) in the EU and UK markets must navigate through the evolving Regulatory landscape. The focus on HFSS foods and novel foods brings opportunities for innovation and sustainability. Organizations aiming for success in these dynamic markets need to strike a balance between adhering to health-driven policies and meeting consumer demands. Stay informed and collaborate with Freyr to ensure effective navigation through the ever-changing Regulatory framework for food and dietary supplements.


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