• I completely echo my colleague’s sentiments! I don’t quite know how we managed it, but we did it. Freyr resource’s dedication and support over the past 9+ months is a testament to how great a team we have in GLM.

    Cluster Head - GLM (Global labelling management)
    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • Post today’s GLM meeting, I just wanted to follow up quickly and personally THANK YOU for all Freyr resources’ hard work and their significant contributions to the PLLR Project. I realize it’s not over, but we successfully completed a major milestone – one that seemed shaky for a few months earlier in the year! As I said, this FDA compliance program has touched nearly everyone in GLM – a true team effort – but I realize you all, along with our in-house expert, did much of the “heavy lifting.”

    Executive Director - GLM (Global labelling management)
    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • Thank you for the information!! Freyr is awesome at their job, I really appreciate Freyr’s insight and help.

    Regulatory Strategist
    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the work that was put in for the safety labeling change. The RRT didn’t happen until Monday and Freyr’r resources were able to pull everything together and I know they worked long hours, even being online at 3 AM to attend a meeting. Freyr’s commitment and work ethic is truly amazing.
    Thanks for ensuring we were able to get this to publishing on time.

    Global Regulatory Affairs
    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • Now that we have a few people having worked with Freyr on different projects, I wanted to share my feedback about our recent experience with the Freyr team. They have been very positive – they are easy to work with, and quick and willing learners. Some of the projects we’ve had them working on have been very complicated and large documents, and they have approached these in a very methodical stepwise way. Working with them has definitely freed up time for our LRRs, and we look forward to that continuing into the future.

    - Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager
    An American multinational biopharmaceutical company

  • We are happy to share that as part of recognizing excellence in GLM and PPQ, one of the Freyr’s associates is awarded the Gold Star for the fantastic feedback from the Regulatory strategist regarding his work.

    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • On a quick note, let me thank Freyr for their resource’s professionalism and hard work. I wanted to share that one of our colleagues from the internal development team reached out to me to let me know that she had a great interaction with your resource and she appreciated how knowledgeable he is and how well he explained next steps/demonstrated understanding of what was needed, etc.

    I appreciate your resource’s support.

    Labeling Cluster Head
    Director, Global Labeling Management
    WRO, Worldwide Safety & Regulatory
    A leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

  • It was such a pleasure to finally meet the Freyr’s team in person. I am so happy I was able to visit the Freyr office. I am very impressed with the wide scope of Freyr's expertise and I am excited about their innovative plans and the future of our companies' collaboration. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone for the wonderful reception we received and as always for all the Freyr’s hard work.

    Manager Labeling
    An American multinational biopharmaceutical company

  • This is my team and I am more than thankful to all for making this initiative a great success. Without Freyr’s hard work we wouldn’t have achieved what we have

    Director Labeling
    An American multinational biopharmaceutical company

  • A huge thanks to Freyr for the excellent support in turning around 100 (approx..) lit references which were needed in a short period in support of an New Drug Application (NDA) submission.  Really appreciate Freyr’s dedication and hard work in making this possible.  This is a critical submission for us and therefore I wanted to take the time to let you know that the submission team recognize your contribution and are extremely grateful for your support not only for these but also for the hundreds of reports which you’ve republished to make submission-ready for this major submission.

    Submissions Manager
    Switzerland based, Global Pharmaceutical Company