Chemical Safety and Regulatory Affairs

We work closely with clients from R&D and Regulatory teams to ensure proactive observation and adherence to Regulatory and statutory requirements. We are here to support you with the most suitable and adaptable strategies across the Regulatory compliance value chain.

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Chemicals and Biocides Regulatory Consulting

Freyr is a trusted and prominent partner in the field of chemical Regulatory compliance. Our core focus lies in delivering exceptional Chemical Safety and Regulatory Affairs (CSRA) services, specifically tailored for the consumer products industry. We excel in providing scientific and Regulatory support throughout our customers’ product value chains, starting from the initial idea generation to product launch and ongoing lifecycle management. With a strong emphasis on technical proficiency in chemical compliance management and an extensive network of global affiliates, we offer comprehensive coverage of the Regulatory landscape for chemicals across various geographies and product categories.

Chemical Regulatory Expertise

Navigating Regulations, Ensuring Innovation: Your Trusted Chemical Regulatory Experts

  • Data Scouting

    The process of actively seeking and gathering relevant data from various sources to support research, analysis, or decision-making objectives.


  • Scientific Assessment Reports & Position Paper Report

    Detailed documents presenting expert evaluations and opinions on scientific topics or positions for informed decision-making or policy development.


  • Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance

    Ensuring adherence to relevant regulations and standards throughout the supply chain to guarantee product safety, quality, and legality.


  • Packaging Regulations

    Guidelines ensuring the safety, sustainability, and compliance of packaging materials with legal standards.


  • Biocidal Product Disinfectants - Product Regulations

    Regulatory framework governing the production, labeling, and marketing of disinfectants to ensure their efficacy, safety, and environmental impact.


  • Ecolabeling Regulatory Support

    Offering guidance to ensure adherence to regulations and standards for using eco-labels, signifying environmental sustainability, on products.


  • Safety Data Sheet

    Comprehensive documentation outlining the properties, hazards, and safe handling procedures for chemical substances or products.


  • Pet Care Products Registration

    The formal process of registering pet food products with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with safety and nutritional standards.


  • Global REACH Regulatory Compliance

    Ensuring adherence to international regulations akin to the EU's REACH, safeguarding human health and the environment from chemical risks.


  • Regulation of Tobacco Products

    Trust Freyr for expert solutions in global tobacco regulatory compliance, ensuring innovation and success across product categories.


  • Global Regulatory Intelligence

    Guarantee uncompromising compliance through Regulatory Intelligence for chemicals and household products via our comprehensive global data on ingredients, green regulations, and more.


Country-specific Chemicals Regulatory Consulting

Operating across continents, Freyr has established a strong global presence. With regional expertise and a deep understanding of local regulations, we deliver tailored solutions in key markets worldwide.

Contact Us for Chemicals Regulatory Expert Guidance and Support

Freyr's Approach to Chemicals and Biocides

We help ensure your products are safe, compliant, sustainable, and acceptable to consumers.

Our services span the entire range of consumer/FMCG portfolios, and we support the entire lifecycle of the product value chain from R&D, innovation, development, and launch to lifecycle management.

Freyr’s go-to-market services simplify the complex Regulatory journey for your chemical products. With in-depth knowledge of global regulations, our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and resolving issues, if any. We handle compliance assessments, data gaps, and product notifications, ensure smooth navigation through regulations, and secure market approvals.

Count on Freyr to navigate Regulatory pathways and obtain timely approvals in major global markets.

Evolving regulations and consumer preferences emphasize transparency in the supply chain, particularly for consumer goods. We address challenges such as impurities, allergens, nanomaterials, and animal testing bans while supporting green claims and complying with new regulations.

Our state-of-the-art services on raw material compliance have helped some of the largest global brands to feel confident about Regulatory compliance across product types and geographies. It is backed by robust documentation and exhaustive due diligence of every raw material used in their products.

Additionally, Freyr assists with sustainable packaging compliance, ecolabeling, recycling logo compliance, PCR, and understanding EPR and greenwashing regulations.

We take a scientific, pragmatic, and customized approach toward risk assessment and product safety that meets/exceeds Regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Our DABT/ERT-certified toxicologists evaluate safety across various product types using the latest scientific principles, including QSAR, read-across strategies, grouping, bridging and waiving approach, in vitro, in silico, high-throughput assays, and modeling tools.

We conduct hazard identification, exposure/risk assessment, and safety assessment to meet evolving regulations like MoCRA and GPSR.

Trust Freyr for expert chemical safety consulting, safeguarding public and environmental health.

Freyr compliance and safety services help proactively identify and classify your risk and contribute towards corrective and preventive measures.

However, in case of any unforeseen challenges, our services and commitment have been proven instrumental in dealing with Regulatory scrutiny.

We maintain proactive engagement with authorities and prioritize transparent communication. Freyr's expert team provides tailored recall strategies, documentation preparation, and crisis communication, ensuring efficient management and effective mitigation. Partner with Freyr for expert guidance in promptly and effectively managing recall situations.