Regulation of Tobacco Products

Freyr offers comprehensive Regulatory services for tobacco products, ensuring compliance and success in the dynamic tobacco market. Our expert team provides solutions for e-cigarettes, Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs), and smokeless tobacco, covering registration, compliance, and market access.

Regulation of Tobacco Products - Overview

At Freyr, our specialized team ensures that your business stays compliant with the regulations on tobacco products and, is innovative and poised for success. Explore our global Regulatory services for tobacco product license registration, including expert solutions for e-cigarettes, Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs), and smokeless tobacco. Stay ahead in this ever-changing market of tobacco product regulations with Freyr – your trusted partner in Regulatory excellence.

Requirements for Tobacco Product, Nicotine, and Alternative Product Registration

  • Ingredient Supply Chain Management

  • Chemical Regulatory Support (REACH, CLP, MSDS, Chemical Inventories, HS Code Assignment, etc.)

  • Product Compliance and Validation

  • Dossier Compilation (e.g., PMTA, TPMF, and Ingredient Listing for Tobacco Products)

  • Tobacco Product Manufacturing Practices (TPMPs) Implementation Support

  • Regulatory Monitoring and Newsletters

  • Regulatory Market Access and Feasibility Assessments

  • Tax and Excise Data on Manufactured Tobacco and E-Liquids

  • Regulatory Assistance in Applicable Testing and Standards

  • Toxicological Profiling for Tobacco, Tobacco Alternatives, and Botanical Ingredients

  • Innovation and New Product Development Support

  • Electrical Compliance Support for e-Devices

Our Tobacco Focus Products - Expertise

  • Conventional Smoked Tobacco (e.g., cigarettes)
  • Smokeless Tobacco (e.g., nicotine pouches)
  • Reduce Risk Products (e.g., vapes, HTPs, ENDS, and e-devices)
  • Dissolvable Products (e.g., nicotine gels)
  • Non-nicotine Vape Products