Content Management

We provide end-to-end LCM solutions for managing scientific content with compliance and precision. Freyr offers expert services for LCM of promotional and non-promotional assets, ranging from modular content creation, claims, reference library management, PRC coordination, end-to-end process consulting, and SOP creation.

Content Management - Overview

For branding, a diverse array of scientific content is created, spanning both promotional and non-promotional pharmaceutical materials, involving different stakeholders from multiple departments (such as Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs & Marketing/Commercial Launch teams). High demand and omnichannel requirements put stakeholders under pressure to organize, manage, and distribute promotional content in a way that adheres to Regulatory requirements and maintains high standards of accuracy, quality, and compliance for successful product launches. To manage these requirements, Freyr's Medical and Scientific Communication Center of Excellence (CoE) emerges as a crucial partner and provides promotional content management support through a suite of services.

In recognition of the multifaceted nature of digital content creation, Freyr's Medical and Scientific Communication CoE remains attuned to the nuances inherent in developing digital assets. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire content management process, from inception to dissemination, ensuring that each asset meets the requisite standards of accuracy, relevance, and compliance. By leveraging our expertise and understanding of Regulatory frameworks, we empower companies to navigate the complexities of promotional material management with confidence and precision.

Our content management consultants work with your organization to properly manage the digital assets, claims library, and references in your LCM/content review platforms. We ensure the metadata remains consistent with organizational guidelines, naming conventions are followed, and assets are tagged, modified, renewed, and made redundant per the SOPs. Our services and processes drive efficiency and compliance and provide a better user experience while keeping track of various activities.






Digital asset management 

At Freyr, we support the creation of an effective Digital Asset Management tool (DAM) to manage promotional and non-promotional marketing materials and other assets effectively. With the creation of automated workflows for review and approval for tracking Regulatory compliance, including collaboration to provide comments and a version control system that tracks all changes made to the asset, Freyr ensures the correct version is being used.

  • Engage with and support brand teams with digital asset entry.
  • Rights and consent management.
  • Metadata management.
  • Approval and expiration of assets throughout the end-to-end lifecycle.
  • Exception management of expired assets for specific brands.

Claims Library Management

At Freyr, we support creating an integrated accessible claims library to simplify the process for content review and approval. We create a centralized repository of claims used in promotional materials, ensuring that they are accurate, compliant with regulations, and supported by appropriate evidence.

  • Establishing and maintaining a claims library for each brand.
  • Maintaining individual claims’ records that are linked to supporting reference anchors.
  • Allowing automated linking of claims to composite materials.
  • Creating document tags, editing, or deleting document tags.
  • Managing and maintaining document tag library including expiry of tags.

Reference Library Management

At Freyr, we support creating an integrated, accessible reference library to simplify tagging supporting documents for each claim. We support organizing reference materials into categories based on factors such as therapeutic area, product indication, and reference type (e.g., journal articles, and clinical trial reports). Used metadata tagging to facilitate easy search and retrieval of documents.

  • Collecting and maintaining various related source documents.
  • Management and review of expiration of references while ensuring timely entry.
  • Maintaining quality and availability of reference for viewing with the association of claims and digital assets.
  • Ensure that anchored references have been correctly linked to the claims and the most current version of the asset.

Modular Content

At Freyr, we support firms in creating modular content for promotional and non-promotional materials. We make sure that each set of materials is medically accurate, Regulatory compliant, and approved. We create content in standardized components (or modules) that can be combined and reused across various promotional materials and channels.

  • Providing support and training in the creation and use of modular content.
  • Building reports and dashboards related to service utilization and technology optimization metrics (e.g., content reuse, modular content creation, etc.).
  • Breaking down complex medical information into easy-to-understand and reusable modules.

If you are looking for lifecycle management of promotional and non-promotional material, Freyr’s expertise can streamline these activities and ensure compliance with Regulatory guidelines. 

Content Management

  • Content evaluation and Regulatory compliance overview
  • Comprehensive fact-checking for accuracy and reliability
  • Understanding and adhering to relevant regulations to reduce legal risks
  • Crafting content that communicates brand values and messages
  • Designing compelling call-to-actions for audience engagement
  • Tailoring campaigns to target audience needs
  • Developing unique content to differentiate clients
  • Increasing engagement through content variety
  • Commitment to on-time delivery of high-quality content
  • Enhances marketing strategies by improving brand visibility and positioning
  • Specializes in curating content that adheres to all relevant guidelines and standards
  • Possesses extensive knowledge of guidelines across various sectors
  • Experienced in curating promotional and non-promotional content across diverse therapeutic areas
  • Provides specialized content curation for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • Curates content suitable for various dissemination mediums, including digital platforms, print media, and presentations

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