Food Labeling Requirements and Claims Review

In the field of food regulation, rigorous standards and scientific scrutiny govern the food labeling requirements and claims review. This ensures the accuracy and empirical validity of food labels and claims, covering a range of factors including label type, product specifics, intended use, and country-specific requirements. By upholding these standards, Regulatory authorities safeguard consumer health and safety, also fostering transparency and trust in the food industry.

Food Labeling Requirements and Claims Review - Overview

Many countries across the globe uphold regulations and scientific standards to ensure accurate and scientifically substantiated food labels and claims. These standards cover diverse factors such as label type, product specifics, intended use, and country-specific requirements. Food labels and supplement details guide consumers in making informed choices and contribute to public health and safety. Regulatory authorities are increasingly aligning laws internationally due to the growing importance of the food trade. Every food label and claim must comply with relevant laws and standards, varying across countries.

Freyr delivers a holistic solution for global food labeling and claims review compliance, ensuring companies adhere to standards. Our regulatory services encompass comprehensive nutritional analysis, Food labels review, and claims assessment, scrutinizing every detail for adherence to country-specific requirements. Our expertise includes a literature review to determine support for health claims. Trust Freyr for precise labeling and claims review, ensuring products comply with regional acceptance and legal limits.

Food Supplements Label and Claims

  • Literature reviews and data supporting available claims
  • Functional food and food supplement claims review
  • Claims statements review for regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory support for label updates
  • Ensuring correct nutritional information
  • Product ingredients evaluation to check if they are within the legal limits
  • Language compliance with the local legislation
  • Region-specific gaps analysis in labeling
  • Label manuscript creation
  • Label design and artwork support
  • Product formulas and ingredients review
  • Food labeling claims and nutrition label claims review
  • Claims review on artwork and promotional material
  • Qualified team with hands-on experience across health food categories
  • Comprehensive food label assessment and nutrition labels claim review
  • All categories of Food product and Food supplement claims review
  • Exclusive label and artwork design
  • Support for region-specific regulatory complexities
  • Extensive partner network globally
  • Strong relationships with global Health Authorities (HAs)
  • Structured approach for quick market access
  • Cost-effective consultation services
  • End-to-end functional food label and claims review with regulatory consultation