Pet Care Products Registration

Freyr offers specialized consultation and Regulatory services to ensure pet care product manufacturers comply with global regulations. Our tailored approach aligns with your business strategy, providing expert assistance in pet food registration, formulation compliance, labeling review, and more.

Pet Care Products Registration - Overview

Pet ownership has existed across many epochs, cultures, and socioeconomic strata. It is commonly assumed that the presence of pet animals is beneficial for human wellness, and this perception contributed to the increased interest in pet ownership during COVID-19. Many people live with pets in countries such as the United States (US), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), and Australia.

The field of pet care products is all-encompassing, involving products used for taking care of pets like dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, parrots, etc. Per care products majorly include the following two (02) categories, along with several subcategories:

Pet Consumer Products

  • Pet Grooming Aids (shampoos, soaps, brushes, bathtubs, slippers, scissors, etc.)
  • Pet Hygiene Products (deodorizers, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.)
  • Pet Attire (pet coats, blankets, rugs, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Pet Care Food Products
  • Pet Drink Dispensers
  • Pet Housing
  • Pet Toys
  • Pet Training Aids and Accessories (collars, leads, muzzles, harnesses, tethers, whistles, clickers, etc.)

While limited Regulatory support exists for pet care products, the typical requirements include compliance with general consumer safety regulations and chemical regulations of respective countries. This also includes adherence to internal quality testing standards. For instance, in some countries, pet toys must meet the same regulations as children’s toys, while pet disinfectants and cleaning products must comply with specific labeling requirements.

Pet Food

  • Pet Food and Drinks (including pet food additives)
  • Pet Nutritional Supplements

Pet food and nutritional supplements are highly regulated at every stage, from ingredients used during the production process right up to marketing and sales.

Some markets implement a Pre-Market Approval (PMA) process like registration or notification for all pet food, animal feed, and feed additives. Other markets do not have a PMA process but regulate ingredients and additives used in pet food. However, some markets do not regulate or even inspect domestically produced pet food, but rather, only their imports.

Animal Health Authorities (HAs) heavily scrutinize companies across the globe on pet care product ingredients, additives, labeling, claims, etc. Non-conformity with the regulations can invite major disciplinary actions for manufacturers of animal health products.

Globally, pet care products are regulated at the union, country, state, and city levels. Considering varying Regulatory routes for authorization between jurisdictions and within each jurisdiction, Regulatory support is essential for placing new products on global markets.

Thus, pet food compliance is of utmost significance when introducing pet food products and supplements in the market. As a leading global Regulatory partner, Freyr provides market entrants with services that help ensure their pet care product and pet food Regulatory compliance.

Pet Care Products Registration - Expertise

  • Pet consumer products, pet food registration/notification process, pet food Regulatory services, and Regulatory intelligence.
  • Pet care product formulation compliance.
  • Product classification and market feasibility assessments.
  • Scientific data gap assessments.
  • Pet product labeling review and compliance.
  • Claims review, and claim substantiation.
  • Artwork and design assistance.
  • Preparing registration dossiers and technical files.
  • Liaison with Regulatory and scientific bodies Like the US FDA, EFSA, CFIA, etc.
  • Undertaking literature searches and data collection.
  • Evaluating safety and efficacy assessments.