Artwork Services

Medical device artwork is a crucial component of labeling and packaging. At Freyr, we prioritize medical device artwork creation and compliance to ensure adherence to Regulatory standards, thereby avoiding branding inconsistencies, Regulatory hurdles, and market delays. Our services encompass artwork creation and management, updates, reviews, maintenance, and alleviating challenges in manual processes and data management struggles.


Medical Device Artwork Services – Overview

Medical Device Artwork management plays a crucial role in getting the attention towards a medical device and it stands an essential step in ideating labeling. Most often, many companies fail to realize the importance of medical device artwork compliance in medical device packaging, which often leads to inconsistencies in branding, Regulatory setbacks, and unexpected delays in the market. At Freyr, Medical Devices artwork compliance services cater to all the artwork and packaging compliance requirements for medical devices.

The most common medical device artwork management setbacks include tedious manual processes, struggles in data management, lack of collaboration within various internal departments, failure in medical device artwork compliance, and insufficient data, such as too little data can lead to more revisions.

The medical device artwork studio at Freyr manages medical device artwork creations, updating labels, reviewing, analyzing, tracking, and maintaining label changes.

The Freyr in-house medical device artwork design team is well equipped to provide medical device artwork and packaging support.

We have research experts in the packaging component, design experts (art director, designer), copywriters, technical proofreaders, packaging label reviewers, and the Regulatory Affairs team.

With our expertise in medical devices and a specialized artwork designing team, we support medical device packaging requirements and design solutions.

We Think Sustainability

By choosing to work with Freyr, you are getting ready to embark on a journey of sustainability. We, as a company, care for the health and future of our planet.

  • We are working as a completely digitized platform to provide labeling and medical device artwork services to customers throughout the globe.
  • We ensure quality control and improve accuracy to reduce recalls.
  • We design labels with the inclusion of reuse or recycling information.
  • We include QR codes or NFC tags to direct consumers to online information, reducing the packaging material.
  • We use digital proofs and design labels in a way that it can fit all the required information in the medical device packaging design.

For manufacturers who are looking for a sustainable label for medical devices, we can provide safe and innovative labels. We can create a label for devices to suit all your business needs with the precepts of solidarity, passion, and innovation of our medical device experts.


Medical Device Artwork Services

  • Medical device artwork compliance, including medical device artwork design and development.
  • Medical device Artwork creation for primary and secondary labels
  • We use software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Coral draw, and Photoshop for the creation of medical device artwork designs.
  • Creation of labeling templates.
  • Provision of multilingual labeling.
  • Provision of user manuals, service manuals, installation guides, and work instructions with clarity and legibility of label location.
  • Maintenance of precision in format and font sizes before medical device packaging validation.
  • Stringent Quality Control (QC) and proofreading services.
  • Coordination with stakeholders for ideation, creation, and approvals.
  • Review and update the existing labels, when required.
  • Gap analysis between distributed and submitted labels.
  • Usage of appropriate internationally standardized symbols, where necessary,
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