Come Join Us

Freyr believes in exploring new opportunities, redefining old ideas and turning them into great new innovations. We understand that a team of talented and passionate professionals make it possible to achieve and go beyond milestones, which is why we give our associates the freedom to nurture and grow ideas into best-of-breed solutions. Freyr offers a highly conducive and collaborative environment coupled with a flat hierarchy and cross-functional opportunities for all associates to grow both personally and professionally. We constantly strive to make Freyr a great place for our associates to balance their work and life, starting with providing global projects opportunities to excel in, to celebrating associate excellence across a myriad set of functional activities to create a sense of accomplishment and rounding off with a diverse set of team building activities, sports events and cultural programs to encourage the creative expressions.

Life at Freyr


You will be a part of team that works in a multi-ethnic, open culture, and a challenging yet rewarding collaborative environment.Freyr offers its associates a perfect work-life balance between their professional and personal interests. Freyr also provides freedom of creative expression by encouraging a diverse set of activities in areas like sports, culture and performing arts.


  • Annual Day Celebrations
  • Function and Team Outings
  • Ethnic and Cultural Programs
  • Sports Events

Rewards and Recognition

At Freyr, we ensure that all your contributions toward making the organization a better place and the efforts you put in the projects are duly recognized. Freyr recognizes and celebrates associate excellence across:

  • Target Oriented Performance
  • Critical Incident Performance
  • Client Appreciated Performance
  • Deadline Meeting Performance
  • Innovative Performance
  • Project Specific Awards
  • Best Idea Award
  • Thank You Award
  • Employee of the year


With an average training program of 80 hours per year per employee, we believe training to be an integral part of the development process of our employees. We have a number of focused training programs conducted regularly, such as:

  • Induction / Orientation
  • Organization level training
  • Project level training
  • Individual training
  • GxP Training


  • Process Management Group (PMG)
  • Ethics and Compliance Steering Committee (ECSC)
  • Quality Management System Team
  • MRC (Management Review Committee)
  • Disaster Management Team
  • Great Place to Work Committee (GPW)

Performance Appraisals

Freyr follows a 360-degree, open, transparent, fair and objective process of annual appraisals. A regular quarterly KRA reporting process ensures to identify, capture and reflect the utilization metrics of employees as well as take corrective mid-term performance re-alignments to complement the Annual Appraisal process.

Employee Testimonials