Content Development

Freyr's skilled medical and scientific content writing team delivers accurate and engaging content across multiple channels, from MSL and KOL materials to promotional and social media posts. Our expertise spans from evidence-based research articles to comprehensive support for scientific publications and conferences, offering versatile content creation tailored to diverse audiences.

Content Development - Overview

Freyr has a proficient team of medical and scientific content writers who excel in curating scientifically accurate, easy-to-understand, and engaging content for promotional and non-promotional purposes. Our writers are well-versed in the Regulatory guidelines of various countries, ensuring compliance and adherence to relevant standards. Additionally, they specialize in developing modular content, making it adaptable across different dissemination platforms and audiences. With a focus on delivering high-quality content that resonates with healthcare professionals, patients, KOLs, MSLs, sales teams, and other target audiences, Freyr stands out as a trusted partner for medical and scientific content development.

Content Development

  • Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) material creation
  • Scientific content writing for an understanding of the concepts with visual aids
  • Comparative effectiveness studies through literature reviews and meta-analysis/network meta-analysis
  • Product website – content creation with product overview, scientific context and MoA, medical information, clinical data, safety data, patient resources, and testimonials
  • Content creation for MSL and KOLs - slide deck, educational articles, white papers, blog posts, infographics, social media content, brochures, flyers, and newsletters
  • Scientific content creation for illustrations and infographics
  • Creating audio-based scientific content that focuses on scientific topics and concepts and the views of KOLs
  • Medical information assets for communication to patients, HCPs, and consumers, but are not limited to patient education, safety, risk communication, and HCP awareness materials
  • End-to-end support for scientific publications and conferences
  • Drafting evidence-based research articles
  • Content creation for abstracts, manuscripts, posters, and slide decks for congresses, conferences, and symposiums

Our innovative team can develop content for any platform or channel, and our offerings are not limited to the services mentioned above. We can do a lot more!

  • High-quality medical and scientific content creation along with content diversity
  • Ensuring accurate presentation and interpretation of data
  • Presentation of data in visually accurate concept
  • Audience engagement and retention content
  • Our content leads to enhanced customer relationships
  • Ensures a comprehensive and effective content marketing strategy

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