Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are integral to Freyr’s corporate DNA and lie at the very core of our corporate values and principles. We have a formal committee to guide, monitor and ensure the priorities are clearly defined, updated and communicated to employee and stakeholders across Freyr global office and locations.

Freyr is committed and forever striving to make a difference.

Green IT - Reducing Energy and Waste

Freyr does not look at Green IT as a cost of doing business, but rather as an integrated approach to best practices in business.

Freyr invests in technology, facilities, and efficient IT work place best practices to ensure a reduced carbon footprint in everyday operations and software solutions that we develop for our clients.

Social Outreach - The Human Touch

Freyr is extremely conscious in regards to its geography of operations and immediately invites its employees and stakeholders to stand as one and provide support to the regional/ national governance in times of natural disasters and calamities.

Our CSR committee reaches out to spread awareness and involves employees and stakeholders for active social and financial contributions for the effected geography and its inhabitants.

Preserving Biodiversity - i4Farmers

Preserving Biodiversity - i4Farmers


i4Farmers is a US-based non-profit 501(c) organization established by the core Freyr management team, as an ongoing corporate social responsibility initiative. Freyr works with its CSR committee, employees, and Community stakeholders to voice its support as a combined power of human collaboration and networked connections to care for those who feed the nation.

Freyr and its employees continually challenges and take the onus to apply their enterprising spirit, passion for innovation and can-do attitude to make a difference in vital areas essential to meet challenges of the future; like helping farmers to adopt cost effective agricultural approaches to lay a strong foundation for growth, and supporting education opportunities in rural areas for the underprivileged.