Food Product Dossier Compilation

The food sector places a high priority on food product compliance. One of the key steps in achieving compliance is the precise food product dossier compilation. This process entails gathering and organizing all requisite documentation and data pertaining to food and food supplement registration in any given country. Meticulous compilation of a food product dossier is indispensable in the food industry as it ensures Regulatory compliance, facilitates market access, and upholds consumer health and confidence in food products.

Food Product Dossier Compilation - Overview

In the food industry, ensuring food product compliance is imperative. The first step towards achieving compliance is the meticulous compilation of a food product dossier. The process of dossier compilation involves collating all the necessary documentation and data related to food and food supplement registration. Thus, compiling a food product dossier requires precision as it includes food registration requirements, ingredient information, labeling requirements, and safety assessments.

Food and food supplement classification, product compliance, and registration requirements may vary depending on the country. A few countries mandate food supplement registration or notification requirements, while others are merely compliance-based, without requiring registration. Food registration terminology may vary for each country; a few countries call it a simple notification or approval as well.

A food product dossier contains all the technical data (administrative, manufacturing, quality, control, non-clinical, and clinical) of a product for it to be approved, registered and marketed in a country. Any food supplement registration process requires a dossier, a technical file, or a set of technical documents.

At Freyr, we understand your technical document/dossier compilation requirements. These include food supplement classification, gap analysis, review, and compilation of the documents required for product registration/notification, as per the respective Health Authority (HA) requirements. Freyr experts will assist you in preparing the food product dossier, suggesting additional safety report information and documentation required by the respective HAs.

Food Product Dossier Compilation

  • Food product registration/notification/approval documents’ gap analysis and compilation.
  • Food supplement classification/ food product classification.
  • Document review as per Health Authority (HA) requirements.
  • Support for food and food supplements/nutraceutical product dossier compilation and safety report preparation.
  • Advice on additional mandatory documents.
  • Food and food supplements/nutraceutical product compliance check.
  • Recommending testing requirements.
  • Cost-effective.
  • End-to-end food product registration/notification and approval support.
  • Qualified team of Regulatory experts with hands-on experience across all classification of food products like health supplements, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, health functional foods, health functional beverages, foods for special dietary use, etc.
  • Support for region-specific Regulatory complexities.
  • Extensive partner network across the globe.
  • A strong relationship with different health authorities.