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Canada ISED Representative Service Overview

ISED (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development) is a Regulatory body overseeing radio spectrum products for all transmitters operated within Canada.  It outlines the technical requirements to ensure compliance with the stringent Canadian Regulatory standards, thereby enabling manufacturers to gain successful market entry. ISED certification is essential for companies looking to market or sell products in Canada, particularly those involving wireless communication devices in medical applications.

Manufacturers who do not have a presence in Canada require an in-country representative (Canadian Representative) to obtain and maintain ISED approvals (Telecommunication and radio devices). The Canadian representative shall be responsible for responding to all inquiries from ISED regarding the certified products.

Freyr in-country representatives ensure seamless approval processes and coordinate responses to ISED inquiries. For expert assistance, contact our experts today to streamline your journey in Canada.

Freyr Canada ISED Representative Service Competencies:

    End-to-End Canadian Representative Support.
    Regulatory compliance with Canadian regulations regarding terminal equipment.
    Response co-ordination with respect to all inquiries from ISED regarding the certified product and provide audit samples to ISED.
    Provision of audit samples to ISED.
    Securely retain the ISED application and agreement throughout the entirety of the product's lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ISED mandates that the applicant must uphold a valid Canadian Representative agreement for the duration that each certified product remains available in the Canadian market.

The Letter of Attestation from the Canadian Representative remains valid as long as the certified product(s) are available for sale in Canada.

The duration for obtaining ISED certification in Canada varies, typically spanning from two (02) to six (06) weeks. Factors like product complexity and certification process efficiency can impact this timeframe.

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  • Single Point of Contact (POC) in the Country for Liaison with the Regulatory Agency.