Food Regulatory Pathway Reports

Navigating diverse regulatory landscapes for food products demands a comprehensive strategy. Freyr offers global regulatory pathway reports and compliance solutions, ensuring seamless expansion into health food markets worldwide. Specializing in registration, licensing, and market authorization, Freyr's expertise spans Europe, North America, MENA, and APAC, supported by a broad partner network across 120 countries.

Food Product Claims Substantiation - Overview

With varied Regulatory requirements for food products in different regions, manufacturers sometimes require a fool proof marketing strategy for food products to address procedural challenges while navigating the local Regulatory regime for food products and food supplements registration. Food and food supplements are classified as dietary supplements in one country, and the same can be recognized as food for special medical purposes by the Health Authority (HA) of another country. In such scenarios, companies cannot afford the mistake of misinterpretation. Whether it is to decode dossier requirements, claims, prohibited list of ingredients, or import regulations for their nutraceutical products, a company must be aware of all the necessary requirements.

Freyr provides global food Regulatory Pathway Reports, a Regulatory roadmap to ensure compliance and is proven successful in assisting clients in their expansion plans in the rapidly growing health food markets across the globe. Freyr is specialized in the areas of food product registration, compliance, licensing, approvals, notification, legal representation services, Market Authorization Holder (MAH), License holding, Imports and distribution Regulatory guidance, food products marketing strategy, Regulatory pathways, and Regulatory strategies.

With regional offices in Europe and North America, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Asia Pacific (APAC) nations along with a vast partner network across 120 countries, Freyr is uniquely positioned to support food Regulatory requirements globally.

Food Product Claims Substantiation

  • Food and food supplements Regulatory strategy and Regulatory Pathway Reports.
  • Food and food supplement registration, licensing, and notification.
  • Local legal representation (LR) services, MAH, and authorized representative services.
  • Import & distribution support.
  • Food and food supplements notification.
  • Monitoring the Regulatory landscape and information analyses.
  • Support for food product registration and legal representation basis RI report outcomes.
  • Freyr team is up to date with new requirements of food product registration or food supplements registration ensuring time and cost-effective product launch.
  • Quick understanding of the content of the new Regulatory requirements/information and determining strategy.
  • Most updated food Regulatory Pathway reports.
  • Qualified team of experts with hands-on experience across all classification of food products like, health supplements, dietary supplement registration, nutraceuticals, health functional foods, health functional beverages, foods for special dietary use, etc.
  • Extensive partner network across the globe.
  • A strong relationship with global health authorities (HAs).
  • Structured food products marketing strategy to ensure quick market access.