As per the regulation on Non-carbonated Water-based Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) released by the FSSAI on July 26, 2021, all FBOs were required to comply with the amended provisions by February 01, 2022. According to the amendment, “non-carbonated water-based beverages” (non-alcoholic) refer to drinks made with water that meet the requirements for packaged drinking water or mineral water but without adding carbon dioxide. These must also contain a certain ingredients, either solely or in combination.

On January 12, 2023, an official notification was released directing all regional directors to carefully review all the licenses issued for the category of "Non-Carbonated Water Based Beverage," with non-compliant cases to be reported to the FSSAI HQs by January 31, 2023. All non-compliant FBOs will receive notices directing them to either make the necessary changes to the product to bring it into compliance or stop manufacturing any unsatisfactory products after taking the necessary action.

The licenses will be scrutinized to verify if non-carbonated water-based beverages are produced using water that complies with packaged drinking water standards or mineral water as a base and if they are required to contain the ingredients listed in the regulation, either individually or in combination. Additionally, non-carbonated water-based beverages will be closely examined to ensure they do not use the word "water" in any way, including on their product names, labels, advertisements, or other forms of representation. They must adhere to the vitamin and mineral limits specified in the standards for packaged drinking water or mineral water.

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