Are high-interest rates, rising inflation, and unpredictable economic climate influencing your organization’s downturn? According to one of the reports, the medical science industry will necessitate seventy thousand (70,000) Regulatory roles over the next decade. Filling these positions has been and will continue to be a challenge for the industry.

So, what must pharmaceutical companies do to compete in today’s fast-paced and dynamic economic environment to fill in the gaps successfully?

The strategy is to implement staff augmentation. Organizations can reduce operating costs and expand globally by leveraging outsourced experts with many years of expertise in staff augmentation. Doing so will also reduce corporate risk by implementing a "follow the sun" model without the huge capital expenditure typically measured.

Staffing Solutions

Onsite Staff Augmentation

Skilled workers are particular about their work-life balance choices, primarily with their work locations (remote work) and schedules.

When organizations employ scientific staffing vendors to reinforce their full-time employees, one of the simplest and most convenient alternatives to implement is onshore, which implies that the staffing agency will send trained technical specialists to work in the client's office for a specified amount of time.


  • Onsite augmentation reduces any anticipated stress between the contractors and permanent employees, enabling easy interactions
  • Better evaluation of the supplementary onsite staff since there will be reduced or no lag time in communication
  • The adopted procedures and materials can be repurposed to eliminate any disruptions that hinder the project timelines

Project-based Staffing

Project-based staffing solutions can be incredibly useful for bridging temporary skill gaps and assessing possible full-time personnel.

The existing recruitment strategy is all about swiftly and effectively discovering and screening suitable active and passive applicants. This is true while looking for contractors as well as full-time workers.


  • Quick access to expert Regulatory affairs (RA) professionals and job applicants, both active and passive
  • Reduce time to hire personnel and keep schedule-sensitive projects on track
  • To continuously evaluate personnel and expand their network of RA contractors and to reduce the downtime of the submission review cycles
  • Flexible alternatives can be accommodated based on the client’s needs to ensure tailor-made solutions specific to the client’s pain points

Offload Your Burden

Given the current economic scenario, a significant number of pharmaceutical organizations are exploring ways to optimize resource costs by keeping the in-house team size in check. Recruitment and employment in the Regulatory affairs arena necessitate market knowledge and requires the involvement of seasoned specialists who understand your business operations and state of urgency, as well as access to the relevant pool of verified RA candidates.

Department-wise Staffing services

Optimize Regulatory Staffing in a Cost-Constrained Environment

While maintaining transparency and keeping a bench strength of 15-20% for every Centre of Excellence (CoE), Freyr ensures support to ramp up the team to suit client requirements depending on the changing work volumes. To strategize, organize, and execute staffing solutions quickly and efficiently, contact Freyr!


Sonal Gadekar,


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