In a collaborative initiative Freyr co-authored the first joint white paper with Beroe Consulting addressing the Global Regulatory Trends, Challenges and Solutions faced by Global Pharma Industry in the Consumer Healthcare space.

Freyr’s exclusive focus and expertise as specialist provider of global Regulatory solutions and services across the entire Regulatory value chain to large Fortune Pharma companies laid the foundation for being chosen by Beroe for the first of its kind white paper collaboration.

The white paper, titled CONSUMER HEALTHCARE: REGULATORY DYNAMICS, analyses the key Industry challenges faced and solutions being implemented by the Global Consumer Healthcare and Cosmetics organizations, provides a strategic oversight into industry emerging trends, and presents a way forward for various regulatory functions.

Besides providing a definitive oversight of the rapidly changing global Consumer Health Regulatory Landscape and the widespread transformative effects felt across organization to keep up with the change, Freyr discusses the inherent advantages of Regulatory Supporting of large complex functions and has included real-time industry case scenarios to demonstrate the operational and process benefits as well as significant compliance cost savings large pharma organizations reaped through pioneering innovative Regulatory Services models designed by Freyr.

The white paper has been published and distributed by Beroe Consulting to its large global Pharma clientele network via a client portal.

A copy of the white paper is available for Download

About Beroe Consulting

Positioned at the forefront of procurement intelligence and customized market research, Beroe is unique in its exclusive focus on procurement.

Named for a Greek goddess with the gift of prophecy, Beroe acts as a strategic global partner to procurement professionals by providing critical market intelligence that helps them in making “buy or no-buy” decisions.

Beroe acts as an extension of your procurement office, offering deep expertise and comprehensive resources within our primary industries. This allows us to provide robust, predictive, real time intelligence and insights.

Our primary industries of expertise are Healthcare, Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Personal Products, Chemicals, Materials, Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology.

About Freyr

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Freyr is a specialized full-service global Regulatory Solutions and Services Company, offering Consulting, Software & Operations Services of Regulatory Affairs, Operations & Information Management functions to Large & Small-Medium Life Sciences companies in a highly cost-effective model.

Freyr is a trusted partner providing end-to-end multi-geo Regulatory services across Top 20 global brands for 4 of the Global Top 5 Fortune Pharma/ Consumer companies.

Freyr is a rapidly growing global team of 350+ with specialized Centers of Excellence, exclusively focusing on the entire Regulatory value-chain.

Freyr’s Global Operations, Delivery and Development Centers are ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified.