26th Aug, 2014, New Jersey – Freyr announced the global launch of its full-services Enterprise Cosmetic Regulatory suite targeted to comprehensively cover countries in the EEA, US and Asian regions.

In the light of the new European Union (EU) regulation EC1223/2009 placing high emphasis on the safety of cosmetic products available in the market, Freyr’s Cosmetic Regulatory Services suite aims to support and enable large and SMB pharma manufacturers as well as suppliers effectively address and easily meet their Cosmetic Regulatory and Safety compliance needs.

Freyr services will offer faster, cost-effective and accurate Cosmetic Product Safety (CPSR) & Toxicology Reports providing end-to-end retrospective assessments that will comprehensively cover – Safety & Toxicology Assessments, Margins of Safety (MoS) calculations, Threshold Toxicological Concern (TTC), Chemical Structure & Profile, Levels of Exposure, Overall Toxicology Issues & Summary, as well as INCI (International Nomenclature) for ingredient safety, listing, warning & labeling-relevant information for both – Cosmetic Raw Materials as well as Finished Cosmetic Products.

Backed by a global team of professional toxicologists, Freyr services are slated to provide assessment reports that will cover hundreds of products, ranging from simple to complex cosmetic formulations and will be in themselves a certification of the safety of the products, within the intended application and its compliance to the various annexes of the EU cosmetics regulation.

All Freyr provided Safety & Toxicology Reports will be valid across countries in the EEA, US and Asian regions.

For more information visit www.freyrsolutions.com/cosmetic-regulatory-services/