15th Oct 2014, New Jersey – Freyr unveiled  its suite of specialized regulatory services for new strategic markets  that will cover Africa including the South Africa, Sub Saharan and North African regions like – South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Botswana and Malawi.

Freyr’s specialized regulatory services suite is aimed at supporting Large and SMB Pharma/ Bio tech/ Consumer and Medical devices companies with end-to-end strategic regulatory services for their strategic regulatory needs across new emerging markets. Identifying a promising opportunity, Freyr has created a new regulatory market intelligence service that would help the pharmaceutical industry make crucial decisions and capitalize on unmet customer needs.

Freyr’s specialized regulatory services suite will offer –  Medicine Registration, GMP Roadmap, CTD Conversion and Dossier Harmonization for new MAA. In addition, Freyr will provide strategic Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Market Intelligence Reports covering seven Sub Saharan African countries. The market intelligence reports provide the latest insights, analysis and forecasts within the Sub Saharan African Region at the country level, with a practical evaluation of new market opportunities and risks.

For more information visit www.freyrsolutions.com/cosmetic-regulatory-services/