Health Claims for Food and Dietary Supplements
in the USA

The webinar was successfully concluded on

November 16, 2023


Topics Covered:

  • Definitions and Categories of Claims.
  • Types of Health Claims.
  • The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 (NLEA) Authorized Health Claims.
  • Notification of a Health Claim or Nutrient Content Claim (Authoritative Statement).
  • Interim Procedures for Qualified Health Claims.
  • Prohibited Claims.
  • Freyr’s Competencies and Advantages.

As a continuous practice, Freyr organizes more webinar sessions related to Regulatory aspects of food and dietary supplements. We presume you would like to be a part of all those sessions. If yes, let us have an opportunity to inform you about our next session. 


Marin Vrhovac is a dedicated Regulatory Expert with a Master's in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of Zagreb. He has contributed to Freyr as the EUA MPR Business Development Manager. His role centers on guiding the company toward achieving strategic goals and leveraging regulatory expertise. Beyond his professional life, he fuels his development through reading and podcast listening. As a Business Development Manager, Marin excels in sales presentations, contract negotiation, and market trend analysis. His cross-functional teamwork experience ensures customer-centric services.


Francesco is an Industrial Biotechnologist with six (06) years of experience in the food industry in the areas of regulatory affairs and food safety. His experience in the food industry includes two (02) years of research and development of novel probiotic strains from plant-derived food matrices for the development of new functional strains for the fermentation industry and four (04) years of consulting for regulatory compliance of food ingredients and finished products, labeling, market access, surveillance, and vigilance activities for food operators.

Hosted By

Marin Vrhovac

Presented By

Francesco Digianni