We appreciate your interest in Freyr’s webinar on “Label the Labeling Data to organize, regulate, simplify, uncomplicate,” for the USA.

What is it all about?

It is well known that safety data plays a crucial role in the labeling of a product. But given safety data’s dynamic nature in relation to multiple global regulations, how manufacturers can track the changes and implement them accurately in real-time? What challenges they face en-route? And why is there a need to adapt to the next level labeling?

With an intent to answer these questions, Freyr is all set to present a free live webinar on “Label the Labeling data to organize, regulate, simplify, and uncomplicate,” for the USA. The agenda of the webinar is to throw light on:

Topics covered in the session

  • Labeling and Historical Challenges
  • Labeling - Ongoing Regulations/Trends and Associated Challenges
  • Next Level Labeling – Adapting to Best Practices
  • Freyr LABEL 360 and Key Concepts



Will update you soon on the session for Europe and ROW region.

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Kiran Venkata Satya Chinnalla

Sr. Manager, Global Labeling Management

An experienced regulatory professional, Kiran has worked across different disciplines for both Bio-pharmaceutical companies and service providers. With labeling as his core skill, he has built and executed thought leadership in both process development & global labeling strategy, value added labeling initiatives. At Freyr, Kiran helps clients with core and regional label content development & maintenance as well as process and program strategy and development.