We appreciate your interest in Freyr’s webinar on “Label the Labeling Data to organize, regulate, simplify, uncomplicate.” The session is successfully completed, and we are delighted to see a great response from the industry.

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What was it all about?

It is well known that safety data plays a crucial role in the labeling of a product. But given safety data’s dynamic nature in relation to multiple global regulations, how manufacturers can track the changes and implement them accurately in real-time? What challenges they face en-route? And why is there a need to adapt to the next level labeling?

With an intent to answer these questions, Freyr is all set to present a free live webinar on “Label the Labeling data to organize, regulate, simplify, and uncomplicate,” for the USA. The agenda of the webinar is to throw light on:

  • Labeling and Historical Challenges
  • Labeling - Ongoing Regulations/Trends and Associated Challenges
  • Next Level Labeling – Adapting to Best Practices
  • Freyr LABEL 360 and the Key Concepts