We appreciate your interest in Freyr’s webinar series. Our recent session on ‘Label the Labeling Data to organize, regulate, simplify, uncomplicated-RoW’ has successfully been concluded.

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What Was It All About?

It is evident that the dynamic nature of global regulations makes it complex to track, implement, and update the safety data across the global and regional labels in real-time. How can manufacturers overcome such complexities? Should they adapt to the next level label tracking and implementation? If yes, how should they proceed?

Answering all those queries, during the webinar session, our colleagues - Mr. Kiran Chinnalla, Sr. Manager-Global Labeling, and Mr. Robert MacDougall, Vice President-Business Development –discussed about:

  • Labeling and Historical Challenges
  • Labeling - Ongoing Regulations/Trends and Associated Challenges
  • Next Level Labeling – Adapting to Best Practices
  • Freyr LABEL 360 and the Key Concepts

As a continuous practice, Freyr is destined to organize more webinar sessions related to Regulatory aspects of Life Sciences. We are sure you would like to be a part of all those sessions. If yes, kindly let us know.