We are delighted to see your interest in Freyr’s Webinar Series (FWS). The webinar on Strategic Regulatory Partnerships - How to Evaluate & Engage with a Regulatory Partneris scheduled on December 2, 2020, for ROW, Americas and EUA regions.

What Is It All About?

Pharmaceutical companies, small/medium/large, constantly seek to optimize Regulatory approval timelines.  This scenario in fact created a significant need for strategic Regulatory partnerships.

This webinar provides comprehensive insights on how a Regulatory service partner can help companies navigate the Regulatory hurdles, from Development to Market and throughout a Product’s Lifecycle. Don’t wait! Tune into Freyr’s webinar.

Strategic Regulatory Partnerships
How to Evaluate & Engage with a Regulatory Partner?

December 2, 2020

Duration: 50 Minutes

Join the Webinar at your Convenient Time

For RoW

11:00 AM IST

For Americas & EUA

10:00 AM EST | 9:00 AM CST | 3:00 PM GMT


Christopher Carr

Associate Director

Chris Carr is an Associate Director at Freyr Solutions, based in the UK and supporting the business in Europe since the beginning of 2019. Chris has extensive experience in international Regulatory affairs for 13 years from the perspective of government regulator, industry professional and consultant.


Michael Lambell

Senior Vice President

Michael Lambell is a Senior Vice President at Freyr, with 40 years industrial experience. For nearly three decades, he has worked within Regulatory functions and has experience in other scientific and development roles. He drives a wide range of Regulatory programs at Freyr with his leadership skills and in-depth knowledge.

The webinar will be presented by Michael Lambell and hosted by Christopher Carr. In brief, the topics to be discussed during the webinar include:

  • Examples that might Drive Us to Consider Regulatory Partnerships
  • Factors Influencing the Choice of Partner/Criteria for Evaluating Potential Partners
  • Operational Engagement Models
  • Benefits that can Arise from Establishing The Right Regulatory Partnerships

Given the keynotes and with due respect to your busy schedule, we really look forward to seeing you in the webinar. Register now. Stay informed. Stay compliant.