RUPA stands for “Registro Único de Personas Acreditadas” or “Central Registry of Authorized Agents”. It is a single registry of accredited agent that serves to certify on a single occasion and in a central database the legal identity of the users of procedures and services.

RUPA is a registration process designed to assign identification numbers to authorized agents as well as to companies. The role of RUPA is to simplify the process of making regular appearances on behalf of clients for federal filings.

It is no longer mandatory to present all the documents every time the manufacturer carries out a procedure. Those documents are to be delivered once, and a registration number will be allotted for further procedures.

The RUPA currently is not mandatory and is fully optional. Although, during the year 2006, authorized agents and company representatives were expected to have a formal meeting with the federal government officials to obtain their RUPA number. This was mandatory for corporate representatives.

The process of obtaining a registration number begins with submitting data. This is done by filling an online application. In this, the companies are required to provide the details of their organization. Apart from this, other general details of their representatives are also requested. After the online application is submitted, the applicant must submit a copy of the application and supplementary documents to its designated federal agency. This process must be done within five business days of electronic submission.

RUPA is a time- saving process. It is very efficient and eliminates a lot of paperwork, making it quick and reliable.

The Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios) RUPA has been introduced by agencies to help manufacturers and healthcare professionals ensure on-time and easy drug registrations. Therefore, keeping abreast of them is necessary. To know more about COFEPRIS and to get end-to-end Regulatory services in Mexico, reach out to Freyr experts at