SUSMP is an acronym for ‘Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons.’ ‘The Poison Standard’ is the legal title of SUSMP. It was introduced under the Legislation Act 2003. The main objective of introducing SUSMP was to promote uniform labeling and packaging requirements throughout Australia.

The SUSMP is a legal document that consists of decisions regarding the classification of medicines and poisons into ‘schedules’ for inclusion in the relevant legislation of the states and territories. The classification considers a substance’s toxicity profile, indications, dosage, pattern of use, product formulation, the potential for abuse, and the need for access. It contains model provisions regarding the containers and labels, along with a list of recommended products that need to be exempted from these provisions. It also includes directions on drug and poison control.

Prescription medicines are high-risk medicines that contain ingredients that are described in Schedule 4, Schedule 8, or Schedule 9 of the SUSMP and are available by prescription only. This group of medicines also includes some specified products, such as sterile injectables.




S4: Prescription-only Medicine/ Prescription Animal Remedy

Prescription-only medicines for supply by a pharmacist only.

Therapeutic (drugs)

S8: Controlled Drug

Substances that require a restriction of manufacture, supply, distribution, possession, and use to reduce abuse, misuse, and physical or psychological dependence.

Therapeutic (drugs)

S9: Prohibited Substance

Substances that may be abused or misused; the manufacture, possession, sale, or use should be prohibited by law, except when required for medical or scientific research.

Medical or Scientific Research


The SUSMP is also available in an electronic form and can be accessed free of cost on the Federal Register of Legislation (FRL). The SUSMP is updated regularly. The latest edition is SUSMP No. 37, which was updated in October 2022. This includes numerous changes from the previous edition of June 2022 (SUSMP No. 36).

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