The Need for Comprehensive Cosmetics Ingredients Database
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As we all know, each country has its own set of cosmetic regulations that manufacturers must adhere to. Many countries have banned several ingredients, while some substances are restricted to a maximum concentration, which makes it difficult for the product manufacturers to market in different countries. During the product formulation, manufacturers must be sure that the substances used in the product formulation are permitted in the targeted country.

At the same time, the Regulatory Authorities are providing stringent guidelines for the use of cosmetic ingredients such as preservatives, colorants, etc. to ensure consumer safety. Here is a quick video to help you understand such Regulatory hurdles.

Lack of knowledge on these distinct and ever-changing cosmetic regulations may slow down product development and market expansion, and sometimes make it difficult for manufacturers to track and keep abreast with them regularly. This may result in non-compliance, missed product launches, product recalls, etc. To avoid such difficulties, it is necessary to adopt a technology-driven Regulatory platform that tracks all the global Regulatory data of ingredients.

Ideal Features of a Technology-driven Regulatory Platform for Cosmetics Ingredients:

  • It must consist of different categories of ingredients such as approved, restricted or prohibited across global markets.
  • The industry standards for all the ingredients must be provided by Name, Country, Function, INCI and CAS Number.
  • Apart from active ingredients, information on allergens, impurities and residual solvents must be provided, along with the toxicity levels.
  • It should be able to create and assess product formulae and formulations for Regulatory compliance.
  • It should provide acceptability levels of the ingredient use and combinations across global markets.
  • The ingredient platform must be aligned with the latest Regulatory developments and scientific opinions from Health Authorities.

With the above features integrated, an ingredient database shall address your cosmetic product’s market-entry challenges by providing accurate information within no time. Start analyzing your ingredient’s Regulatory compatibility across the global markets. Initiate it with Freyr iREADY – a comprehensive cosmetics ingredients database.

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