Understanding the Cosmetic Regulatory Landscape in Argentina
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Argentina’s cosmetic industry is vibrant, offering a diverse range of beauty and personal care products to consumers. In fact, the country has established a comprehensive Regulatory framework to ensure consumer safety and uphold product quality. Understanding the cosmetic Regulatory scenario in Argentina is crucial for manufacturers, importers, and consumers.

Regulatory Authority

The primary authority responsible for overseeing cosmetics in Argentina is the National Administration of Drugs, Food, and Medical Technology (ANMAT). The Regulatory guidelines for cosmetics are primarily governed by Resolution No. 155/98 and other complementary regulations. These legal documents outline the requirements for cosmetic product registration, labeling, safety assessments, and manufacturing practices.


Before cosmetic products can be introduced into the Argentinian market, manufacturers and importers must undergo a rigorous registration process with ANMAT. This involves submitting detailed information on the product’s formulation, ingredients, labeling, and safety data. ANMAT then evaluates these submissions to ensure compliance with the safety and quality standards.

Labeling Guidelines

In Argentina, labels on cosmetic products are regulated to provide consumers with clear and accurate information. All labels must be in Spanish and should include the product’s name, ingredients, net quantity, usage instructions, and safety warnings. Additionally, products containing specific ingredients or making certain claims must adhere to the corresponding labeling requirements.

Safety and Quality

Argentina places a strong emphasis on adherence to international standards to ensure product safety and quality. The country often aligns with guidelines from bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to harmonize regulations with the global best practices.

Also, ensuring quality control is paramount within Argentina’s cosmetic Regulatory framework. While obtaining a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate is obligatory for cosmetic registration in Argentina, manufacturers are also strongly advised to uphold consistent quality standards throughout their manufacturing operations.

In a nutshell, the cosmetic Regulatory scenario in Argentina underscores consumer safety and product quality. Adhering to the regulations set forth by ANMAT guarantees that all cosmetic products entering the Argentinian market meet stringent standards. Partnering with an experienced service provider like Freyr can help you simplify the process, address the challenges, and navigate the complex cosmetic Regulatory landscape of Argentina!