An American multi-level marketing company needed claims assessment for around 200+ Nutritional and Health claims made on labels of supplements. The primary focus of the project was to conduct a detailed claims assessment, analyzing each claim's compliance with Indian regulations. The project presented several challenges, such as:

  • Consideration of multiple contexts for each claim: conditions, words/terms used, and in-house expertise.
  • Ensuring data compilation in a user-friendly format for the client.
  • Analyzing each word in health-related claims and providing relevant suggestions

Freyr’s Consumer team undertook a meticulous approach conducting a detailed analysis and provided the client with a comprehensive report outlining the specific conditions required for each claim. This enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding the marketing claims for their products.

For a detailed understanding of how Freyr’s Consumer team addressed the client's needs regarding claims assessment and Regulatory compliance while adhering to Indian regulations, download the proven case.