What is it all about?

Welcome to Freyr’s Regulatory Radio - a set of podcasts for all things related to Life Sciences regulations. Our one-of-a-kind Regulatory podcast series strives to simplify through candid conversations with our experts the complex positioning of pharmaceutical regulations. Essential listening for Regulatory Affairs professionals involved with strategy, submissions, and operations.

In the first season, we will discuss how a Regulatory pathway can be drafted for Europe, a region that pioneered in the setting of benchmarks for Life Sciences regulations worldwide - and continues to do so. We aim to provide a Regulatory roadmap for the European Medicine Regulatory Network (EMRN) through some insightful conversations.

Meet Our Speakers

Michael Lambell

Senior Vice President, Freyr

Michael has forty (40) years of experience in the industry. He has worked predominantly in CMC Regulatory functions for twenty-nine (29) years and another eleven (11) years in other scientific development roles (formulation development, analytical method development, and clinical trials supply) at Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson. His experience includes managing collaborations with Regulatory partner companies. With extensive experience, he is currently leading a range of Regulatory programs at Freyr.

Gabriel Boronat

Senior Director for RIMS, Freyr

Gabriel has comprehensive expertise in strategic delivery, business improvement, and operational transformation and has over twenty (20) years of professional experience in various regulated industries. Gabriel is specialized in Regulatory operational improvement, health-related informatics and has worked with both the European and UK medicines Regulatory Agencies.