Freyr Artwork Pack Management CoE provides innovative, cost effective, creative graphic design & artwork services to support new product launches and brand re-designs for global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. Freyr’s artwork pack management services deal with artwork lifecycle management of any product including leaflet/carton/label starting from initiation to the production of the packaging artwork.

Freyr also offers artwork services for content to carton, private labeling and primary and secondary packaging artworks that include all printed materials associated with the products e.g., containers, labels, cartons, foils, tubes, inserts, packets, and shippers when used as primary packaging. Artwork capabilities of Freyr stretch across a multitude of areas, few of which are named here:

  • Consumer healthcare artworks
  • Pharmaceutical artwork managements
  • Global artwork management system
  • Artwork and pack management
  • Cosmetic artworks
  • Pharmaceutical packaging artworks
  • Secondary packaging artworks
  • Braille artwork
  • Introducing anti-counterfeiting features to artwork
  • Pharma Regulatory artwork
  • Artwork creation for cartons, labels, foils, tubes, inserts, packets and other primary packaging modes