Freyr’s Extended Medicinal Product Dictionary (EVMPD) Data Management Services include a comprehensive strategy from organization readiness assessment, development of implementation road-map to end-to-end process implementation.

Freyr XEVMPD Expertise

Assess Organizational Readiness

  • Number and complexity of products
  • Current EVMPD data flow within the organization & across partners
  • Data sources and data fragmentation across the organization
  • Regulatory information management technology components
  • Compliance expectations
  • Time & cost commitments

Develop Strategy & Implementation Road Map

  • Business process changes
  • Product data ownership & responsibility commitments
  • Interim submission needs based on EVPRM
  • Migration to final submissions based on IDMP compliance needs
  • Technical approach to current vs. future state data flow needs

Process Implementation

  • EVMPD data management & maintenance process (data collation and data mapping processes) implementation
  • Submission management and workflow implementation
  • Regulatory information systems implementation & validation
  • Onsite consulting services at your premises
  • Ongoing real-time coordination with Freyr’s EVMPD conversion services team
  • Time saving
  • Cost-effective model

Freyr XEVMPD Features

  • Ready-to-use, web-based, on-demand solution
  • Minimal setup and out-of-the-box solution
  • Time saving
  • No lead time lost in ‘Building a System’
  • No preliminary implementation required
  • Minimal start-up cost
  • Simple and cost-effective licensing model
  • 100% EVPRM compliant XML generation
  • Guaranteed compliance with the EMA guidelines and business rules
  • Online training and support

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