Healthcare companies across the world require strong Regulatory support to make important decisions like expanding their product portfolio or to market their products across multiple geographies. En route they face critical challenges like knowing local dossier requirements new guidelines, ingredient & claim analysis, labeling & packaging requirements, import regulations, local GxP requirements, etc. In such scenarios, there is an undeniable requirement to ensure that companies are aware of these existing geo-specific regulations and also of any forthcoming guidelines to be published. It then becomes essential that Regulatory Intelligence(RI) addresses all these challenges accurately. There arises the need of accurate Regulatory intelligence and strategies to know the exact Regulatory requirement and to provide the highest quality submissions to agencies globally.

With a robust network of local affiliates in more than 120 countries and coordination with Health Authorities (HAs), Freyr offers exclusive Regulatory consulting to address any Regulatory Intelligence (RI) query or requirement of companies across the globe. The team adheres to the best ethical practices as defined by RAPS & SCIPS, for collating Regulatory and market information from various sources.


Freyr Expertise

  • Exhaustive coverage of global Regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive Regulatory consulting and real-time Regulatory Intelligence services across:
    • Product Type: Drugs, Devices, Biologics, Veterinary Products, Consumer Products, OTC Products, Nutraceuticals
    • Regulation Category: New Guidelines, Guidelines Amendment, Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Clinical & Non-Clinical, Stability & Storage, Validation, Packaging & Labeling, Pharmaceutical excipients, Impurities, Artwork & Promotional Material, Recall alerts, Safety & Pharmacovigilance (PV), Warnings, Submission Formats, others
  • Proprietary Regulatory intelligence solution – Freyr INSIGHT
  • Instant access to an entire range of authoritative Regulatory information for informed decision making

Freyr Advantages

  • Strong Regulatory intelligence team with expertise in Regulatory affairs, analytics and market and Regulatory research
  • Collating and analyzing Regulatory requirements of any product category
  • Intelligence support across 120+ countries