Centralized Repository for Ingredients

Companies, in the current scenario, typically have the information in spreadsheets or distributed databases. In addition, the ingredients information is decentralized and is not shared across/in-between teams. Freyr iREADY enables companies to manage/share the data internally with a Centralized Repository system. Thus, bringing the entire company together with a unified source of information.

Single-Source of Global Regulatory Information

When it has to deal with multiple products, multiple ingredients across multiple regions, companies may have to track the ingredients information by taking clues from various Health Authority(HA) websites, which would be cumbersome, given any scale of the activity.

Freyr iREADY captures all the updated ingredients regulations from various HA websites and keeps the user informed on time for successful compliance. Thus, no need for periodical and extensive checks on worldwide regulations.

Real-Time Intelligence and Integration

Organizations might have a dedicated ingredients database, but is it really integrated with all the products and their list of ingredients? Does it really provide real-time intelligence on how particular ingredients regulation will impact a certain product?

With Freyr iREADY, companies can easily establish a connection between their products and ingredients. It will help companies to determine what are the existing products that would be impacted, whenever a new ingredient change comes up, which in turn will be beneficial for accurate decision-making. It is even useful during product development as it enables R&D team to study the impact of an ingredient change on the formulation of other products; or in cases where the health authority prohibits the use of a certain ingredient in a specific market.


Across the globe, there exist different regulations and requirements for Food and Food Supplements ingredients. Certain markets such as Korea and China put forth very stringent requirements fraught with complex and in-depth approval requirements, evolving Regulatory frameworks, and lengthy review times. To safeguard a Food and Food Supplements or a dietary supplement formulation from going noncompliant across the globe or in specific markets, companies should be well versed with the complex Regulatory guidelines and ingredients limits in the respective regions.

Enroute, some of the biggest challenges they may face include:

  • Visiting various health authority (HA) portals and collecting the base information
  • Validating the information from time to time
  • Managing/sharing/percolating the data/information across the teams
  • No real-time intelligence on updated ingredients and their impact on product formulations

In such scenarios, what companies look for is a comprehensive and an up-to-date, Food and Food Supplements and dietary supplement ingredients database. Freyr iREADY is one such customized solution to meet all the Food and Food Supplements ingredients information needs.


Freyr iREADY Features

  • Centralized repository to view and store all the data generated
  • SKU-based ingredients across markets
  • Data loss prevention
  • Enables quick search for any required ingredients information
  • Allows easy reuse of existing data
  • Automatic graphical representation of data
  • Single platform to view formulas and region-wise ingredients regulations
  • Up-to-date regulatory information to prevent reworks
  • DMS integration to store related reports and documents

Freyr iREADY Benefits

  • Quick search
  • On-demand, simple, and cost-effective licensing model
  • Web-based tool with a simple user interface
  • Ability to store and archive information and supporting documents
  • Easy to add/amend information
  • Minimal time to go live
  • Audit trail & record management

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