Life Sciences industry is governed by regulations, which are continuously evolving to help the industry players deliver the best. However, staying current with the regulations on a continuous basis and keeping up with the changing Regulatory landscape can be challenging.

Comprehensive Approach to Pharmacovigilance-related Regulatory Intelligence

The approach for Regulatory intelligence includes:

  • Primary research that covers data across country updates, Regulatory updates, congress coverage, trade association coverage, authority and ministry coverage, key opinion leaders and influencers
  • Secondary research that encompasses data about country/product, Regulatory landscape, clinical updates, and intelligence, news, and newsletters

Freyr offers a 360-degree PV intelligence that can help every Life Sciences organization to create internal Regulatory and PV processes, thereby complying with the HA policies and laws.

Freyr offers a cloud-based Regulatory Intelligence Software for complete spectrum of Regulatory and PV information that span across various industries, products, and regulation categories.


Freyr Expertise

  • Cloud-based Regulatory Intelligence Software that Provides Comprehensive, Global Intelligence
  • Pharmacovigilance Intelligence on Regulations for Individual Countries
  • Region-wise Product-specific (Drugs, Device, biologics) Guidance
  • Country-specific Regional ICSR and Aggregate Reporting Timelines and Requirements
  • Local Representative (QPPV, NPPV, etc) and Post-marketing Authorization Information
Global HA Mandates