The Importance of Color Palette Conquests in Brand Building
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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso

From paintings to artifacts and literature, the significance of colors and shade pallets cannot be overlooked. The challenge lies in how we can use colors effectively to communicate brand perception. For example, symbols like the red cross signs, green cross signs, etc., portray essential information about places where medical help is provided and where you can buy medicines. Further addressing the importance of colors we found that recent studies have shown that certain colors invoke subconscious emotions within people. This itself is a testimony of how the audience perceives certain elements subconsciously.

Brand perception starts before the end consumer purchases the commodity. Companies make major brand-building investments to convey exactly what the brands want to portray through their products. Sensory stimuli are significant, and studies have been conducted to understand the impact of the color scheme on successful brand communication. According to statistics, colors are associated with brand recognition by eighty percent (80%) of the consumers. However, all art visualizations and templates can be successfully envisioned only if the said designs are scalable.

Often, decisions on the shade and color pallet are based on ‘What looks good together?’ rather than ‘What feels right?’. One can achieve the correct fit for an indication and a brand with the right tools and a tailor-made approach that offer optimal outputs with designated inputs.

Color branding is a technique used to differentiate one brand from another. Various platforms where colors are used for effective communication are:

  • Logos
  • Website
  • Advertisements
  • Packaging

Creating a positive impact of colors on a majority of platforms requires effort and consistency in communication. Over the years, experts have established that uniformity and color combination establish brand identity in the minds of consumers. The ideal brand strategy is to build a successful brand image with the right aesthetics and an aligned vision to conquer the perceiver’s mind. To find the perfect fit for your product and to move forward in a compliant way is the best option.  

Reach out to an expert to design your brand campaign with an optimum blend of micro & macro elements and for a quality review of your ad-promo material for your promotional activities.