Artwork creation requires a lot of coordination between designing studios, as well as quality check and review teams. With the teams spread across various locations, there exists a gap between teams and stakeholders involved in various stages of the process. Be it the communication between parties, review iterations, hard copy sharing, or tracking real-time artworks status, lack of a proper automated artwork management system challenges organizations to navigate through the entire lifecycle. In such a scenario, a centralized artwork management process is a good bet for organizations, and makes them market-ready.

With a team of trained and experienced experts, as well as exposure to artwork lifecycle management tools, Freyr assists clients to gain comprehensive visibility on the process, right from initiating request to the stage of printing and packaging. Thus, Freyr gives you the flexibility of end-to-end artwork automation, from creation to email notifications to online approvals. In addition to hands-on experience with regard to industry tools, Freyr also integrates Regulatory knowledge in order to protect the product’ safety information when requesting designs. With ever-evolving guidance updates, Freyr helps in safety label changes as per latest requirements.


Freyr Expertise

  • User-friendly product lifecycle management (PLM) tool & interface
  • Centralization of end-to-end artwork process
  • Standardized process using a single workflow
  • GMP compliant and validated environment
  • Centralized repository for artwork files
  • Effective version control mechanism
  • Audit-trail management
  • Automatic PDF report creation for customers on request
  • Generating review reports for every artwork piece in production
  • Safety label changes
  • Artwork creation

Freyr Advantages

  • 21CFR compliant
  • Customisable tool for various industries
  • End-to-end visibility from core label, local product documents, artwork to printing
  • Secure online access
  • Configurable workflows
  • Online digital artwork comparison and approval
  • Complete audit-trail of the user’s annotations
  • GMP compliant
  • Automatic email alerts and reporting mechanism
  • Reduction in artwork TATs
  • Faster approval process times