The Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore regulates the sale and import of cosmetics in the country. All cosmetics that are intended for sale in Singapore must be notified to the HSA before they are sold. The Regulatory process of the HSA involves the submission, notification, and re-notification of cosmetic products. This blog will tell you all you need to know about the current regulations.

Let us now get an overview of the submission, notification, and re-notification process of cosmetic products in Singapore. Here are detailed insights into the three (03) steps:

  1. Submission of Cosmetics: A cosmetic product must be notified to HSA before it can be sold in Singapore. Although providing details about the product, including its composition, components, and labeling, is not a requirement of the application procedure, per se, it must be ensured that the product is safe to use and that its formula, label, and claims comply with the cosmetic regulations of Singapore.
  2. Notification of Cosmetics: If the product complies with the cosmetic regulations of Singapore, it must be notified to the HSA. Once an acknowledgment has been received from the Health Authority (HA), the manufacturer/distributor is free to place their cosmetic products in the market. After this, the notification holder must maintain the Product Information File (PIF), which follows the Singapore cosmetic guidelines.
  3. Re-notification of Cosmetics: Re-notification of cosmetic products that have been notified to HSA is required every year i.e., if the manufacturer/distributor wishes to continue marketing their products in Singapore, they need to submit a new notification each year. Re-notification is also required if there are any major changes in the product details, such as product name, product type. etc., whereas an amendment is required for simpler changes like updating applicant/manufacturer details, etc.

In Singapore, cosmetic products are subject to additional Regulatory standards, apart from the submission, notification, and re-notification procedures. For example,  cosmetic product labels must be printed in English and must include some mandatory details such as the product name, ingredients, and instructions for use (IFU). The label should also include the country of origin, the name of the manufacturer/distributor, and the net content of the product.

To conclude, the submission, notification, and re-notification of cosmetic products are important Regulatory processes that ensure the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products sold in Singapore. Manufacturers/distributors of cosmetic products must comply with these standards to ensure that their products are safe for use and meet the regulations set forth by the HSA. By following the regulations, manufacturers/distributors can make their cosmetic products widely available to consumers in Singapore, while also ensuring compliance with the country’s cosmetic regulations.

Manufacturers entering the Singapore market must be vigilant while decoding the cosmetic product regulations there. Consult Freyr to get help with the Regulatory complexities and avoid any last-minute challenges!


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