In a dynamic and fiercely competitive business landscape, preserving your brand identity is paramount for long-term success. A powerful tool for safeguarding your brand is “trademark registration.” By delving into the essence of trademarks and understanding their significance, we recognize their indispensable role for businesses operating in Nigeria. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is responsible for establishing regulations and registration requirements for devices entering the Nigerian market. Thus, you need to carry out the trademark registration process in Nigeria in accordance with NAFDAC’s guidelines.  Freyr’s Regulatory services in Nigeria, coupled with our in-depth understanding of NAFDAC, can help you keep up with the regulations and maintain compliance throughout the process. In this blog, we shall explore the essence and significance of trademarks to recognize their indispensable role in businesses operating in Nigeria. At the outset, let us look at the topics that this blog covers:

  • Definition and Understanding of a Trademark
  • The Importance of Trademark Registration in Nigeria
  • Requirements for a Trademark in Nigeria
  • The Trademark Registration Process

We will now explore each of the above topics in further detail to get a comprehensive understanding of trademark registration in Nigeria.

  • Definition and Understanding of a Trademark: A trademark is a unique identifier that sets a brand apart from its competitors. It can take different forms, such as a logo, name, slogan, or even specific packaging. The defining quality of a trademark lies in its capacity to make a unique and lasting impression on consumers’ minds by forging an indelible association with the corresponding brand and profoundly influencing the intricate web of consumer decision-making.
  • The Importance of Trademark Registration in Nigeria: Trademark registration in Nigeria, as established under the Trademarks Act LFN 1990, plays a vital role in safeguarding and differentiating trade symbols within the country. It is important for businesses operating in Nigeria to provide a multitude of benefits that foster enduring success and ensure brand protection. The key advantages of trademark registration are as follows:
    • Legal Protection: Trademark registration with the Nigerian Trademarks Registry grants you exclusive rights to use your trademark for products. This deters potential infringers, protects your brand from exploitation or imitation, and ensures that you can take legal recourse to effectively combat any unauthorized use of the product.
    • Brand Recognition and Consumer Trust: A trademark is crucial for brand recognition and consumer trust. It distinguishes your brand from your competitors in the market. A registered trademark showcases your commitment to quality, instilling consumer confidence and fostering loyalty. It also builds a lasting impression and facilitates easy identification and selection of your products.
    • Competitive Advantage: A trademark acts as a unique identifier that sets your brand apart from others that offer similar products or services. Thus, it enables you to establish a distinct market presence, making it easier for consumers to differentiate your products from those of other competitors.
    • Business Asset: Trademark registration enhances your brand’s value; as your business expands, your registered trademark gains recognition and reputation. This, in turn, opens doors to opportunities like brand licensing or franchising. By granting others the right to use your trademark through licensing agreements, you can generate additional revenue and boost brand exposure while maintaining brand integrity.
  • Requirements for a Trademark in Nigeria: The requirements for trademark registration in Nigeria include:
    • Applicant’s details.
    • The class of the device and the intended use for which the trademark is to be registered.
    • Sample of the device, logo, and word/words proposed for trademarking.
    • Power of Attorney.
    • Company seal/individual signature (as the case may be).
  • The Trademark Registration Process: Understanding the steps involved in trademark registration is essential for businesses seeking to safeguard their brand identity in Nigeria. Let us explore the key stages of the trademark registration process:
    • Trademark Search: Prior to submitting your application, you must conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ensure the uniqueness of your proposed trademark. This step helps verify that your trademark is not already registered by someone else. The Nigerian Trademarks Registry performs this search and gathers the necessary information.
    • Application Filing: After confirming the availability of your desired trademark, proceed with the application filing. This entails submitting the following three (03) forms to initiate the registration process:
    • Application Form: Fill in the appropriate application form provided by the Registry. This form includes details about the applicant, the trademark, and the products associated with the trademark.
    • Representation of the Trademark: Provide a clear representation of the trademark, which can be in the form of a graphic representation, logo, or textual representation.
    • Application Fee: Pay the prescribed application fee, which varies depending on the type of trademark and the number of classes of goods or services covered by the trademark.
  • Examination and Publication: The Nigerian Trademarks Registry reviews the application for legal compliance. If no objections arise, the trademark is published in the Trademarks Journal. This publication allows interested parties to oppose the registration within a specified period.
  • Registration and Certificate Issuance: If no opposition is filed within the stipulated period, the trademark will be registered, and a certificate of registration will be issued. The registration is valid for an initial period of seven (07) years and can be subsequently renewed every fourteen (14) years.


While this blog has given you clear insights into trademark registration in Nigeria, it’s important to remember that the process can be complex. To navigate the intricacies of trademark registration in Nigeria and ensure a smooth and successful application, reach out to Freyr now! Our Regulatory experts will assist you in embarking on the path to trademark registration success.


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