The changing lifestyles and the increasing spendable income have been the major considerable factors for the shift in customer’s increased interest towards non-toxic cosmetic products and the growing preference for natural ingredients to be included. That made manufacturers across the globe to come up with more innovative products adhering to safety and efficacy regulations. In a time-critical health authority approval processes, there might be instances that cosmetic manufacturers with an aim to overcome the competition may miss-out some of the Cosmetic Regulatory trends which might affect their compliance efforts. To assist the manufacturers to be up to date, here we provide the current market updates of some of the regions to give a heads-up on upcoming compliance processes.

Cosmetic manufacturers who are willing to enter the Australian market need to know about the new anti-animal testing regulation which is expected to be in effect from July next year. In a view to phasing out the cruel cosmetics, the Federal government starting July next year is expected to ban the testing of cosmetics ingredients on animals and is also set to ban the sale of cosmetic products which are tested on animals elsewhere. The new regulation, however, won’t affect the existing products and won’t apply to medicinal clinical trials and drug development. Therefore, to plan ahead the Cosmetics regulatory roadmap for Australia in the next year, manufacturers should go all clear without animal testing.

To conclude, the Cosmetics Regulatory landscape around the world is expected to see many more updates in near future. As a specialized cosmetics regulatory partner, we are here to feed you the info. To buckle up your preparations for aforementioned regulations, you may wish to scroll through our services right here.

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