In an era of Type-Backspace-Enter, relying on the Ink-Paper-Print model especially amidst the global pandemic can be worrisome. Traditional brand communication becomes a difficult affair due to social distancing measures and hence, the society is adapting to the ‘New normal’. Brands across the globe have already adopted changing trends in communication aligning with various pandemic norms. Industries across nations have, therefore, proven their agility in a true sense.

In a whirlpool of changing dynamics, the quality and authenticity of communication mustn’t be compromised. Serious medical information, written briefly in the most concise manner of spacing, requires stringent regulations for compliance.

Reduced frequency of medical representative (MR) visits to doctors have made it difficult for brands to stay in touch with the prescriber. As a result, innovative ways and languages to position your brand correctly, seem necessary. Along with miscellaneous strategies and diverse mediums available for promotions, monitoring and reviewing brand communication is of essence. When it comes to brand communication and material surrounding the brand image, it can get overwhelming, specifically for medical practitioners, to absorb information arranged in a fashion that increases cognitive load. Projecting fancy jargons and creative medical terminologies won’t ensure proper positioning in traditional as well as remote modes of advertising.

The dynamic nature of changing regulations requires dynamic brands, functioning at the same octave to understand the needs & expectations of the customer. Understanding your brand needs and portraying them in just the way what you believe along with remaining compliant standards is what Freyr’s expertise is. Pioneer towards healthcare 4.0 negating the Regulatory hindrances.

Irrespective of the campaigning trends, catching up with the velocity of advertising & promotional growth in pharma requires brands to blend the following in their strategy:

  • Patient centricity

    - Clear understanding of what is to be conveyed and to whom should it be conveyed

    • Accelerated deliverability of information

      - Integrating marketing efforts to deliver brand-related information in a better and accelerated way

      • Enhanced awareness

        - Informed patients in the digital era constantly seek out brands to understand the information available at the right place in the right manner

        • Weighing success/failure of campaigns

          - Involving ad promotional activities ensures brand presence in the marketplace

          • Reducing cognitive load

            - Concise and appropriate information which help your audience to recall the communication while making an informed choice


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