In today’s rapidly changing global Regulatory scenario, companies must keep on par with evolving global label changes while creating, tracking, and managing different aspects of labeling. As a label deals with the product’s safety and efficacy data which may impact end-user’s wellbeing, companies must adhere to global Regulatory requirements in real-time and try adopting them intact.

Given the dynamic nature of global regulations, keeping track of the label changes in real-time and updating the safety data across the global and regional labels in parallel becomes an arduous task. In addition, the comparison and implementation of label changes across upstream and downstream processes such as artwork, printing, and supply chain would be difficult to look after. In these scenarios, if companies fail to respond quickly to the changing product information, it can result in non-compliance.

Thus, to overcome these difficulties, to minimize risk, and to improve the efficiency of the labeling processes, Pharma companies must have comprehensive control over their global labeling processes - right from content to carton phases. To do so, the need of the hour for companies is to evaluate their existing labeling processes and to centralize and improvise all of them for end-to-end tracking. Where should they start? Why should they adopt new technologies? What are the best practices en route? What kind of approach and technologies they need to adopt to?  

Here we explain. Join us for a free webinar on “Label the Labeling data to organize, regulate, simplify, and uncomplicate,” on Oct 23, 2019. Register for your seat. Stay informed. Stay compliant. 


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