We are delighted to see your interest in Freyr’s Webinar Series (FWS). The webinar on “Impact of Brexit on the UK’s Food, Beverage and Food Supplement Regulations” was successfully concluded on March 25, 2021. Here is the archived session for your perusal.


What Was It All About?

During the webinar, our presenter Ambrish discussed about:

  • Brexit and its Impact on the UK Based FBOs
  • Transition Period
  • Existing Regulatory Framework and Labeling Requirements for Food and Food Products in the UK
  • EU FIC Labeling Requirement for Foodstuff
  • Pre-packaged Foods Regulations (B2C & B2B)
  • Post Transition Period Legal System in the UK
  • Food Labeling, Information, Health & Identification Marks
  • Ingredient, Composition, Contaminants and Residue limits
  • Establishment Requirement for FBOs and their Representative
  • Immediate Rectifications for UK FBOs from January 1, 2021
    • Country of Origin Labeling
    • EU Organic logo
    • EU Emblem
    • FBO Address
  • Geographical Indication (GI) logo for UK Food, Beverage, and Food Supplements
  • Health and Identification Marks for UK products
  • Post Transition Period Regulatory Requirements for the FBOs
  • Freyr Competencies and Capabilities

As a continuous practice, Freyr is destined to organize more webinar sessions related to Regulatory aspects of Life Sciences. We are sure you would like to be a part of all those sessions. If yes, we will be happy to inform you in prior about the next session.